In office assistance is available in Corner Brook, St. George’s, and Stephenville.  The Contact Person is Jody Davis, Telephone # 709-634-4010.  Assistance is also available at the Glenwood and Grand Falls-Windsor offices.  Please Contact Charmaine Bath, Telephone # 709-679-2142 or 855-263-6440.



Qalipu First Nation Band
Jody Davis
SCIS Assistance Office
3 Church St
Corner Brook, NL
A2H 2Z4
(709) 634-4010
1-855-263-6440 (Toll Free)


Qalipu First Nation Band
Charmaine Bath
SCIS Assistance Office
45 Spruce Ave.
Glenwood, NL
A0G 2K0
(709) 679-2142
1-855-263-6440 (Toll Free)

or appointments and assistance by emailing:

An individual recognized by the federal government as being registered under the Indian Act is referred to as a Registered Indian (commonly referred to as a Status Indian). Status Indians are entitled to a wide range of programs and services offered by federal agencies and provincial governments. In order to access many of these benefits you must have an Indian Status card.

The Temporary Confirmation of Registration Document is considered temporary in nature with an expiry date of 12 months from the date the document was issued, which for most was September 28, 2011.  It is beneficial to all members to apply for their Status Card.

If your Temporary Confirmation of Registration Document has expired, please call 1-800-567-9604 to request another one.

Secured Certificate of Indian Status Card (SCIS) application forms and instructions regarding their completion are available through the following:

Electronic copy of the forms are available at and

Forms are available by mail through calling the Public Enquiries Contact Centre at 1-800-567-9604 or TTY: 1-866-553-0554.  You can also find links to these forms at the bottom of this page.

Expiry of SCIS Cards for Children

Please note that all SCIS (Secure Certificate of Indian Status) cards have a set date to which they will expire. This occurs on all members’ birth dates, with adults expiring in a 10 year time frame, and children’s in a 5 year time frame.

With this being said, it should be noted that the majority of children’s SCIS cards will be expiring in 2015. Parents must re-apply for a new card for their children to ensure they have a card to present to avail of all services offered by Health Canada.

To apply for a renewal SCIS card parents must apply for a new card within 6 months of the card expiring, and complete the following:

  • The expiring SCIS Card will have to be returned with the application to the SCIS National Processing Unit
  • Complete a new SCIS Parent or Guardian Application. If members are not receiving assistance from one of our offices they will have to fill out a Guarantor Declaration form as well
  • New passport photos must be included. If members need the Guarantor then that person must sign the back of the photo that is stamped,
  • Photocopies of parents ID’s, both front and back (this could include your Provincial Driver’s License and Health Cards, example MCP). Again, if Guarantor is used then they must sign the photocopies as true copies of your original IDs.

Parents are required to include their children’s original long form birth certificiate with the application.

All completed applications must then be sent to:

SCIS National Processing Unit
10 Wellington Street
Gatineau, QC
K1A 0H4

Documents that are required when applying for a new Secure Certificate of Indian Status

If there are Legal Custody Agreements in place by the courts for children, a copy of these documents should be included with the application.  Please provide them when you are attending your appointment or, if applying by mail, provide a copy as well that has been signed by your guarantor that states it is a true copy of the original documents.

In order to complete the application process you must be a Registered Indian and must provide specific identification documents:

  • Only one parent or legal guardian is required to accompany the child and sign the application form
  • A Passport-style photo of the child
  • The child’s original long form birth certificate and, as appropriate, any previous valid status card
  • The parent or legal guardian must present a valid* form of identification which must include their name, photo and signature.
  • The parent or legal guardian must present a marriage certificate or other name-linking documents if the name on the ID presented differs from the name listed on the child’s birth certificate or custody documents provided.
  • Legal guardians are also required to provide documentation of guardianship
  • A Passport-style photo of yourself; AND
  • Your original birth certificate or original Baptismal Certificates are acceptable; AND
  • Your original marriage certificate or other name-linking documents (if applicable); AND
  • Other valid* form of identification
  • A Passport-style photo of yourself; AND
  • Your original birth certificate (long or short form); AND
  • Your original marriage certificate or other name-linking documents (if applicable); AND
  • Other valid* form of identification
  • Canada or United States Passport (equivalent to 2 IDs)
  • Enhanced Driver’s Licence or provincially issued Enhanced Identification Card (equivalent to 2 IDs)
  • NEXUS / FAST card (equivalent to 2 IDs)
  • Driver’s licence (provincial, territorial or state)
  • Government-issued ID (federal, provincial, territorial or state)
The ID presented must include a photograph of the applicant and the applicant’s signature. It is not necessary that each ID have both of these components

For more information: Telephone toll-free 1-800-567-9604 or visit the AANDC website at

You are encouraged to get your SCIS within the year that the temporary confirmation of Registration document expires.
You will be provided with a temporary confirmation of Registration document as in order to obtain benefits and/or services available to registered Indians, proof of registration as a Status Indian may be required. This temporary confirmation of Registration document must be presented to service providers. The original must be presented as photocopies will not be acceptable due to the special embossed seal on this document.

Adult Application (English)
Adult application (French)
Parent or Guardian Application (English)
Parent or Guardian Application (French)
Guarantor Declaration (English)
Guarantor Declaration (French)
Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor (English)
Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor (French)

If your SCIS application has been rejected and you require assistance, please call:

Charmaine Bath
Indian Registration Administrator
Qalipu First Nation Band
P.O. Box 149
45 Spruce Avenue
Glenwood, NL  A0G 2K0

Tel: (709) 679-2142
Fax: (709) 679-2344