Update: February 16, 2022
All categories for Elma’timk [To Go Home] Emergency Housing Support Program have closed as of March 15, 2022 and surpassed funding capacity


The need for this programming under its categories of Emergency Short Term Accommodations, Shelter Diversion and Prevention, and Emergency Housing Repair and Maintenance was evident and thoroughly recorded. The Housing Division under the department of Qalipu First Nation Health and Wellness will continue to seek additional funding for this program and similar related opportunities for our members.


For future Qalipu First Nation programming updates you can visit us at qalipu.ca or follow facebook.com/QalipuFirstNation or facebook.com/groups/QalipuHealthAndWellness. You can additionally stay up to date on Qalipu first nation News by subscribing to our Weekly e-Newsletter here: qalipu.ca/maw-pemitajik-qalipuk


Newfoundland & Labrador EMERGENCY HOUSING LINE. For anyone experiencing homelessness,. please call: 1-833-724-2444. Or visit nlhc.nl.ca/contact/contact-nlhc


Update: January 20, 2022

We would like to notify our members that the category: Home Repair Support, under Elma’timk [To Go Home] Emergency Housing Support Program, has surpassed it’s funding capacity. All documents for this category [Home Repair Support], are required to be submitted by end of day, Monday, January 24, 2022 via the online application process or post-dated mail.

The remaining program categories: Short Term Accommodations and Shelter Division and Prevention will remain open. An update will be provided when funding diminishes for each remaining category.


Elma’timk: To Go Home Qalipu Emergency Housing Support Program aims to help prevent and reduce homelessness among our members. Existing support(s) include:

  • Emergency Short Term Accommodations – Provide hotel arrangements for a maximum of 5 nights.
  • Shelter Diversion and Prevention – Provide housing/rental startup assistance such as first month’s rent and/or last month’s and/or damage deposit and/or utilities assistance up to $1,000 per application.
  • Emergency Housing Repair and Maintenance – Provide financial assistance (at a maximum of $3,000 per individual/couple or at a maximum of $5,000 for families of 3 or more per household) to existing homeowners in need of emergency repairs and maintenance.


“Indigenous homelessness refers to Indigenous Peoples who are in the state of having no home due to colonization, trauma and/or whose social, cultural, economic, and political conditions place them in poverty. Having no home includes: those who alternate between shelter and unsheltered, living on the street, couch surfing, using emergency shelters, living in unaffordable, inadequate, substandard and unsafe accommodations or living without the security of tenure; anyone regardless of age, released from facilities (such as hospitals, mental health and addiction treatment centers, prisons, transition houses), fleeing unsafe homes as a result of abuse in all its definitions, and any youth transitioning from all forms of care”

Reaching Home Indigenous NL               


Program Eligibility:

  • Applicant must be a registered member of Qalipu First Nation.
  • Applicant and/or Co-Applicant are required to be a resident of Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Applicant is required to provide proof of combined annual income and if necessary, proof of home ownership depending on the type of support that is being requested.
  • Applicant must identify as an individual who is currently homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.
  • Based on submission or required documents.


Please note: If housing ownership is in the name of a non-member spouse or partner (co-applicant), you may still submit your application with that document; however, it will be necessary to provide further documentation to support that you are a resident of the same household.


Application Process:

  • Qalipu application collection will be processed based on submission date and will be processed until funds have been exhausted. All applications will be reviewed and assessed as they are submitted, based on need and in reference to the definition of indigenous homelessness as outlined by Reaching Homes Indigenous NL.
  • Applications can be submitted online (qalipu.ca) or by submitting a paper copy by mail or email: housingproject@qalipu.ca.
  • Limit of one application per household. Duplicate applications will not be reviewed. In the event duplicate applications are received, QFN will consider the first application received as the valid submission.
  • All applications require name, accurate mailing address/street address (if different from mailing address), Band registration #, phone number and/or email address, and supporting documentation such as proof of home ownership and proof of combined annual income based on what support services are being requested.
  • If you have any questions or require support regarding your application, please email: thulan@qalipu.ca or jpark@qalipu.ca

Click here for the mail in application form: Emergency Support Application

Mail or drop off your completed application along with supporting documents to:

Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation Band
3 Church Street
Corner Brook, NL A2H 2Z4

OR E-mail your completed application and supporting documents to: housingproject@qalipu.ca

OR by completing the online application form below

Section 1 - Client Information

First Name
Last Name
Band Number
Postal Code
Phone Number
E-mail Address

Number of dependents under the age of 18?

Are you married/common law or single?  Single Married/common law
Are you currently employed, retired, or attending post-secondary education?  No Yes

Section 2 - Emergency Housing Support

Please select what type(s) of emergency housing support you require:
 Short Term Accommodations Shelter Diversion and Prevention

Please describe the nature of your current housing situation and the reason for your request for support:

Are you in need of follow up counselling and/or medical support?
 No Yes
If yes, please explain:

Are you in need of support finding long term housing accommodations and/or employment?
 No Yes
If yes, please explain:

Section 3 - Household Income Information

What is your combined annual income?

How many individuals currently reside within the household?

Attach copy of home ownership:

Attach file supporting annual household income:

Section 4 - Declaration

  1. I certify that I am a member of Qalipu First Nation
  2. I understand that all personal information included in this application is to remain confidential.
  3. I/We declare the above information provided in this application to be complete and true.
  4. I/We understand that the information provided in this application is being collected for the purpose of administering Qalipu First Nation Housing Development Programs and is in accordance with Qalipu First Nation client information confidentiality.
  5. I/We understand that this application does not constitute an agreement by Qalipu First Nation to provide housing assistance.
  6. I/We hereby grant Qalipu First Nation and/or its agents, permission to carry out an inspection of my/our property if deemed necessary.
  7. I/We authorize Qalipu First Nation to investigate any or all the statements made herein, being fully aware that discovery of any false statements will cancel this application. I/We further agree that such action by Qalipu First Nation will be without penalty or liability for damages.