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Welcome to Kinu – Our Membership Database
[Kinu (ghee nu) is the Mi’kmaq word for ‘us’]

Our membership database is an essential tool for all members of the Band, and for us to stay in touch with you for elections, voting on decisions that may take place between elections, general communications, as well as employment and volunteer opportunities.

We ask that members fill out as much information as possible, in particular your email, mailing address and phone number.

Email is used to communicate with members.  We will send election notices and results, upcoming events, newsletters, program and benefit information and more are all sent out by email.  Additionally, the Chief and Council may use email to take a vote on important decisions in between election years.

Listing your correct Mailing Address is also important.  For elections, we will send voter information packages out by mail.  The packages will contain your secure PIN that you will use for voting.  Your mailing address also determines in which Ward you will be eligible to vote.

Occasionally, we do outreach with our membership by phone.  Please take the time to add a phone number as well.

Once you login, you will see that there are three parts in your membership profile:

My Profile

This section is the most important as it contains all the basic information about you including your registration number, date of birth, mailing address and other contact information.

Some information was entered by a Kinu manager and cannot be changed by you.

Other information can, and should, be updated as needed.

My Employment Advantage

If you are seeking employment or want to stay connected to employment opportunities, you will want to complete this section.

Information such as your education, skills and experience are collected here.

When an employer comes to us with opportunities, we can then search our database and discover the right person for the job.

Don’t worry, we will not share any of your personal information without your consent.

If you want to be contacted regarding opportunities, you will need to check off the Employment Advantage box on the Communication Preferences section of your profile.

Communication Preferences

Under the Communications Preferences tab we ask you what kind of information you would like to receive by email.

First, list your email then check off the boxes that apply to you.

The first option essentially means send me all the news (message from the Chief, newsletter, events, programs, workshops and so on).

The second option means you don’t want us to email you all the time, but only regarding elections or essential information like changes to your membership benefits.

The third option goes with the Employment Advantage feature.  Checking this box means that you would like QFN to contact you on behalf of potential employers, agents, contracting individuals or entities regarding any new employment, business or contractual opportunities.

Finally, you can check the fourth box if you would like to be contacted with opportunities to volunteer with the Band or Qalipu Cultural Foundation.

This section of your Kinu profile also contains your access to Council Meetings and other live feeds and provides a portal to all the Latest News.



Questions and Answers

Is my personal information safe?

QFN considers the protection and privacy of personal information to be the cornerstone to our ongoing commitment to providing our members with excellent service and support.  Outlined below we describe how we will protect your privacy and your personal information as stored on the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation Band Membership Database (QMFN Member Database).

QFN uses appropriate security measures to protect against loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, use or modification of personal information held in this database.  The computer which houses the data is stored securely in a Band owned building with secure backups in place.  QFN has engaged a VeriSign SSL Security Certificate to provide an extra layer on top of its own internal security.   All sensitive information being transmitted from your login screen to the secure database is encrypted for transmission in the same manner that banking information is encrypted.  Anyone interacting with your data on the Band’s behalf must provide the same level of security that QFN provides to your data.

Who can see my personal information? 

Please be assured of privacy and confidentiality.  Only with your consent, or if we are required by the law, will anyone outside of QFN be given access to your profile or the personal information stored on the database.

At no point will your personal information from this database be disclosed, sold, shared or provided to any government department, agency, private or public company, body, individual or organization without your prior consent unless we are required to do so by law.

All QFN staff who work on the database have signed a confidentiality agreement.  Only QFN representatives that have a direct job-related need to access specific profiles will be granted access.

What if I move, change my phone number or email?

It is critically important that you continuously manage your own membership profile.  Each member is urged to keep their personal information up to date.

You may access the database and your profile as often as you want and change your information each time you access your personal member information forms. Just remember to save each time before you exit.

PLEASE NOTE: you must also update your information with Indigenous Services Canada, updating Kinu does not automatically update Canada about your address or other changes.

What about profiles for children?

If you are the legal guardian or parent (with legal custody status) of a member who is under 18 years of age, or have the power of attorney over an adult member with a disability, you may update his/her information if you agree to the same terms and conditions for accuracy and legal responsibility to update the information.  To be able to enter information on behalf of your charge, you must first sign a Parent/Guardian Consent form and it must be on file with the Indian Registrar Assistant in the QMFN Band office.

Download Parent/Guardian Consent Form

Download Designated Consent Form

When the child turns 18

When a member turns 18, he/she can assume responsibility for his/ her own profile.    At that point, the member’s legal guardian will no longer have authority to access that member’s profile.

What happens if I forget my password?

When you log unto the member database you will click on the “update member information” button that will take you to the log in screen, once there you can click on “forgot password” and follow the instructions.

Who can I contact if I have any concerns or questions?

You can send an email to, the QMFN membership database administrator with your questions or you may send a letter to QMFN at 3 Church Street, Corner Brook, NL A2H 2Z4, or call toll free 1-709-634-4010.