Please note: The below electoral ward map is a tentative visual. New mapping is underway to more accurately represent the 188 communities included across these wards.

Community Ward
Abraham’s Cove Port au Port
Appleton Glenwood
Badger Exploits
Barachois Brook St. George’s
Bay of Islands Glenwood
Baytona Glenwood
Beaver Cove Gander Bay
Bellmans Cove Port au Port
Benton Glenwood
Berry Head
Birchy Bay Glenwood
Bishop’s Falls Exploits
Black Duck Brook Port au Port
Black Duck Siding Stephenville
Bonne Bay Pond Benoit’s Cove
Boswarlos Port au Port
Bottle Cove Benoit’s Cove
Botwood Exploits
Boyd’s Cove Glenwood
Bridgeport Exploits
Brighton Exploits
Brown’s Arm Glenwood
Buchans Exploits
Buchans Junction Exploits
Burgeo Flat Bay
Cambellton Glenwood
Camp Boogy Exploits
Campbells Creek Port au Port
Cape St. George Port au Port
Carmanville Gander Bay
Cartyville Flat Bay
Chanceport Glenwood
Clarkes Head Gander Bay
Codroy Pond Flat Bay
Cold Brook Stephenville
Comfort Cove Glenwood
Cormack Benoit’s Cove
Corner Brook Corner Brook
Cottlesville Glenwood
Cottrell’s Cove Exploits
Cox’s Cove Corner Brook
Curling Corner Brook
Davidsville Gander Bay
De Grau Port au Port
Deer Lake Benoit’s Cove
Dormans Cove Glenwood
Embree Glenwood
FairBanks – Hillgrade Glenwood
Fischells Flat Bay
Flat Bay Flat Bay
Fortune Harbour Exploits
Fox Island River Port au Port
Frederickton Gander Bay
Frenchman’s Cove Benoit’s Cove
Gallants Stephenville
Gambo Gander Bay
Gander Glenwood
Gander Bay North Gander Bay
Gander Bay South Gander Bay
Garden Cove Glenwood
George’s Point Gander Bay
Gillams Corner Brook
Glenwood Glenwood
Glover Harbour Exploits
Goose Cove Glenwood
Grand Falls – Windsor Exploits
Grand Jardin Port au Port
Harris Point Gander Bay
Head of Bay d’Espoir Exploits
Heatherton Flat Bay
Highlands Flat Bay
Horwood Glenwood
Howley Exploits
Hughes Brook Corner Brook
Humber Arm South Benoit’s Cove
Humber Village Corner Brook
Irishtown – Summerside Corner Brook
Jackson’s Arm Benoit’s Cove
Jeffrey’s Flat Bay
Jerry’s Nose Port au Port
Kippens Port au Port
Lark Harbour Benoit’s Cove
Laurenceton Exploits
Leading Tickles Exploits
Lewisporte Glenwood
Little Burnt Bay Glenwood
Little Harbour Benoit’s Cove
Little Rapids Corner Brook
Lock Leven Flat Bay
Long Point Port au Port
Loon Bay Glenwood
Lourdes Port au Port
Lower Cove Port au Port
Luches Bight – Beaumont Glenwood
Maidstone Flat Bay
Main Point Gander Bay
Mainland Port au Port
Marches Point Port au Port
Masons Cove Glenwood
Massey Drive Corner Brook
Mattis Point St. George’s
McIvers Corner Brook
McKay’s Flat Bay
Meadows Corner Brook
Michael’s Harbour Glenwood
Milltertown Exploits
Millton Exploits
Moreton’s Harbour Glenwood
Morrisville Exploits
Mount Moriah Corner Brook
Nicholsville Benoit’s Cove
Noels Pond Stephenville
Noggin Cove Gander Bay
Norris Arm Exploits
Norris Arm North Side Exploits
North Branch Flat Bay
North Harbour Glenwood
Northern Arm Exploits
Notre Dame Junction Glenwood
Pasadena Corner Brook
Peterview Exploits
Petit Jardin Port au Port
Petries Corner Brook
Phillips Head Exploits
Piccadilly Port au Port
Pilley’s Cove – Island Exploits
Pleasantview Exploits
Point au Mal Port au Port
Point Leamington Exploits
Point of Bay Glenwood
Pollard Point Benoit’s Cove
Port Albert Gander Bay
Port au Port East Port au Port
Port au Port West Port au Port
Porterville Glenwood
Purbeck’s Cove Benoit’s Cove
Pynn’s Brook Benoit’s Cove
Ramea Flat Bay
Red Brook Port au Port
Red Island Port au Port
Reidville Benoit’s Cove
River Brook Flat Bay
Robinsons Flat Bay
Rodgers Cove Gander Bay
Romaines Port au Port
Salmon Cove Glenwood
Seal Cove Flat Bay
Seal Rocks St. George’s
Shallops Cove St. George’s
Sheaves Cove Port au Port
Ship Cove Port au Port
Sop’s Arm Benoit’s Cove
Spruce Brook Corner Brook
St Veronica’s Exploits
St. Albans Exploits
St. David’s Flat Bay
St. Fintan’s Flat Bay
St. George’s St. George’s
St. Joseph’s Cove Exploits
St. Judes Benoit’s Cove
St. Teresa’s Flat Bay
Stanhope Glenwood
Steady Brook Corner Brook
Stephenville Stephenville
Stephenville Crossing Stephenville
Stoneville Gander Bay
SummerFord Glenwood
Swanger Cove Exploits
Swift Current Glenwood
Three Rock Cove Port au Port
Triton Exploits
Valley Pond Glenwood
Victoria Cove Gander Bay
Virgin Arm – Carter’s Cove Glenwood
West Bay Port au Port
Westport Benoit’s Cove
Wings Point Gander Bay
Winterhouse Port au Port
Woody Island Glenwood
York Harbour Benoit’s Cove
Bonne Bay Pond Bottle Cove Cormack
Deer Lake Frenchman’s Cove Humber Arm South
Jackson’s Arm Lark Harbour Little Harbour
Nicholsville Pollards Point Purbeck’s Cove
Pynn’s Brook Reidville Sop’s Arm
St. Judes Westport York Harbour
Corner Brook Cox’s Cove Curling
Gillams Hughes Brook Humber Village
Irishtown – Summerside Little Rapids Massy Drive
McIvers Meadows Mount Moriah
Pasadena Petries Spruce Brook
Steady Brook
Badger Bishop’s Falls Botwood
Bridgeport Brighton Buchans
Buchans Junction Camp Boogy Cottrell’s Cove
Fortune Harbour Glover Harbour Grand Falls – Windsor
Head of Bay d’Espoir Howley Laurenceton
Leading Tickles Milltertown Millton
Morrisville Norris Arm Norris Arm North Side
Northern Arm Peterview Phillips Head
Pilley’s Cove – Island Pleasantview Point Leamington
St Veronica’s St. Albans St. Joseph’s Cove
Swanger Cove Triton
Burgeo Cartyville Codroy Pond
Fischells Flat Bay Heatherton
Highlands Jeffrey’s Lock Leven
Maidstone McKay’s North Branch
Ramea River Brook Robinsons
Seal Cove St. David’s St. Fintan’s
St. Teresa’s
Beaver Cove Carmanville Clarkes Head
Davidsville Frederickton Gambo
Gander Bay North Gander Bay South George’s Point
Harris Point Main Point Noggin Cove
Port Albert Rodgers Cove Stoneville
Victoria Cove Wings Point
Appleton Bay of Islands Baytona
Benton Birchy Bay Boyd’s Cove
Brown’s Arm Cambellton Chanceport
Comfort Cove Cottlesville Dormans Cove
Embree FairBanks – Hillgrade Gander
Garden Cove Glenwood Goose Cove
Horwood Lewisporte Little Burnt Bay
Loon Bay Luches Bight – Beaumont Masons Cove
Michael’s Harbour Moreton’s Harbour North Harbour
Notre Dame Junction Point of Bay Porterville
Salmon Cove Stanhope SummerFord
Swift Current Valley Pond Virgin Arm – Carter’s Cove
Woody Island
Abraham’s Cove Bellmans Cove Black Duck Brook
Boswarlos Campbells Creek Cape St. George
De Grau Fox Island River Grand Jardin
Jerry’s Nose Kippens Long Point
Lourdes Lower Cove Mainland
Marches Point Petit Jardin Piccadilly
Point au Mal Port au Port East Port au Port West
Red Brook Red Island Romaines
Sheaves Cove Ship Cove Three Rock Cove
West Bay Winterhouse
Barachois Brook Mattis Point Seal Rocks
Shallops Cove St. George’s
Black Duck Siding Cold Brook Gallants
Noels Pond Stephenville Stephenville Crossing