The Qalipu Development Corporation (QDC) is the business investment arm of the Qalipu First Nation (QFN). It is an independent, arms-length entity responsible for managing the QFN investment interests, businesses, and properties. The QDC is an incorporated company which also oversees several other QFN business operations including Mi’kmaq Commercial Fisheries (MCF). Aside from managing the Band’s existing portfolio of investments, the QDC also aggressively pursues new business opportunities in the fisheries, forestry, agricultural and technology sectors. Both the QDC and MCF are profitable, self-sustaining companies.


Mi’kmaq Commercial Fisheries (MCF) is an independent, Indigenous company owned by the Qalipu First Nation (QFN). It manages all commercial fishery activities on behalf of the QFN. Qalipu members possess inherent commercial fishing rights to engage in fishing activities in areas adjacent to their traditional, ancestral lands and waters. MCF currently owns or operates sixteen (16) commercial fishing enterprises and has negotiated several long-term harvesting arrangements between Qalipu commercial fishers and various processing companies in the province.

In October 2020 MCF launched its WASPU brand seal oil product into provincial, national, and international marketplace. WASPU is now being sold across Canada and final arrangements are in place to begin exporting globally. You can learn more about Waspu Oil by visiting mikmaqcf.com

Eastern Door

Eastern Door Logistics (EDL) is a Qalipu First Nation owned logistics business based in Corner Brook, Newfoundland with operations in Newfoundland, Ontario, New York & California. The company is partnered with Sam-Son Logistics, Buffalo, NY. Its purpose is to reduce the landed costs of goods, improve visibility and speed of delivery, while providing economic opportunities to the Qalipu community. Specific expertise includes: Project Management, Freight Management, Supply Chain Management, Reverse Logistics, Freight Forwarding, and Customs Brokerage. EDL is targeting business opportunities in the oil and gas, aerospace and military as well as mining sectors, easterndoorlogistics.com.


Chief Executive Officer

John Davis
(709) 634-1053

Director of Business Development

Jonathan Strickland
(709) 634-2605

Fisheries Administrator

Chantelle Edmonds
(709) 634-0244

Finance Officer

Lori Lynn White
(709) 634-6851

Fax & Mail

Fax: (709) 634-4448

PO Box 20065
Millbrook Mall
Corner Brook NL A2H 7J5