Skills Parachute Program and Short-Term Course Funding Program

The Skills Parachute Program is designed to increase the skills of the client and improve their chances of maintaining or gaining employment. The Skills Parachute Program is for short-term courses up to a maximum of 5 days in length and at a maximum cost of $1,500.

Recertification of expired courses may be eligible for support under this program in circumstances where the client is not currently attached to the labour force and requires recertification to increase employability. The Skills Parachute Program will not cover the cost of driver education or hunter education courses. The Short-Term Courses Funding Program is offered to increase the skills of a client or group of clients, helping to maintain their employment, or gain an attachment to the labour force. This program covers courses that are longer than 5 days but shorter than 12 weeks in duration and are a maximum cost of $5,000.

The Short-Term Courses Funding Program may be used by employers as a form of group-based training support, when it is required that a group of employees, or potential employees, receive the training to be eligible to keep or gain employment with that employer.

Eligible applicants for both the Skills Parachute Program or the Short-Term Courses Funding Program are any members that are not currently not being funded under any other Education and Training Program. Please Note: Funding under this program is not guaranteed and as this is a reimbursement program, you cannot begin this course without our prior approval. If you have taken this course on your own, before applying to us, we cannot reimburse you.

Download the application form for Skills Parachute Program and Short-Term Courses Funding Program, print it out, fill it in completely, attach supporting documentation and submit to The Education and Training Department. Faxed applications cannot be accepted.

For more information:

The Education and Training Department
Attention: Yvonne MacDonald Employment Coordinator
P.O. Box 460
St. Georges, NL
A0N 1Z0
Phone: 1-709-647-3514