Aboriginal Fishery Guardians

GuardianThe Qalipu Natural Resource Department employs Aboriginal Fishery Guardians to monitor rivers in central and western Newfoundland.

The primary focus of the Aboriginal Fishery Guardians is to minimize poaching by enforcement efforts on the inland waters of Qalipu territory. Poaching imposes on the sustainable management of resources for our use, and that of future generations.

Fishery Guardians enforce the federal Fisheries Act. They achieve sustainable use of our rivers through ensuring compliance with federal legislation and educating the public. In addition to their enforcement and community engagement responsibilities, the Fishery Guardians also assist in scientific research focused on habitat monitoring/restoration, aquatic invasive species and species at risk. QFN’s Fishery Guardians work closely with local enforcement agencies to help ensure our fishing resources are conserved for many generations to come.

Do your part to ensure sustainable use of our rivers and resources by reporting illegal poaching. Contact: Stephen Rose, Natural Resource Technician, at 709-634-5053