-Update- Service Members Agreement

November 24, 2023

This is an update to members following the positive support for the Agreement that the Government of Canada, Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation and the Federation of Newfoundland Indians reached last year on December 22, 2022. The Agreement establishes criteria for accepting former and current members of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as Qalipu Founding Members. Acceptance is based on the special place of honour these new members hold in the Mi’kmaq culture due to their service as protectors of Canada and their communities.

Applications Process

The Enrollment Committee has completed its initial review of all applications for Founding Membership with Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation. An appeals process will follow for those who wish to exercise this option.

Founding Membership List

  • The review of applications under this exercise will result in over 580 additions to the Founding Membership list.
  • Decision letters to all applicants and requests for additional information in some instances will follow.
  • It is anticipated that this phase of enrolment will be completed in 2024 following the regulatory process by Canada to officially add new members to the Founding Members list of the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation. For more information on the Order in Council process, please visit Orders in Council – Canada.ca.
  • Individuals who are recognized as Founding Members will immediately be registered as Status Indians under the Indian Act, thus becoming eligible to receive benefits such as those from the Non-Insured Health Benefits Program.

If you have any questions, please call the Government of Canada’s Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation toll-free line (1-800-561-2266; TTY: 1-800-465-7735).

Read on for all the details as shared on the Indigenous Services Canada website.

A letter called Incomplete Submission. was sent on May 15, 2023 to those applicants who provided their documentation with missing or incomplete information:

  • the Declaration form;
  • signature on the Declaration form;
  • signature on the Acknowledgement and Release;
  • witness signature on the Acknowledgement and Release;
  • proof of service;
  • a certified true copy stamp on the proof of service

The applicants receiving this letter will have 30 days to provide their documents and correct the missing or incomplete information, sent to this address:

Enrolment Committee
Indigenous Services Canada
Box 9100
Winnipeg MB R3C 0M9

Your response must be postmarked no later than June 15, 2023.

If you don’t respond by that date, the Enrolment Committee or the Appeal Master will not consider your application further. The existing decision of the Enrolment Committee to reject your application for founding membership will remain in effect.

Any new information regarding the Service Members Agreement and next steps will be added here as it becomes available. Please check back.

Questions & answers about the Service Members Agreement