If you would like assistance applying for, or renewing your Secure Card of Indian Status (SCIS), please contact: SCIS Clerk, Betty Lou Hynes 709-634-8675, or email bhynes@qalipu.ca

Or you can reach our Indian Registration Administrator, Nancy O’Connell at 709-634-4010 or email noconnell@qalipu.ca, Toll Free 1-855-263-6440

or appointments and assistance by emailing: membership@qalipu.ca

Your SCIS Card Renewal Application can be submitted up to six (6) months in advance of your cards expiry date, no earlier. It is important to read the SCIS Instructions Booklet at the ‘Forms’ Button below before submitting your application documentation.

If your SCIS Card is past it’s expiry, you have a twelve (12) month grace period. After that time you will need to contact Qalipu SCIS Clerk or Indian Registration Administrator listed above.

If you are not currently registered under the Indian Register (IR) with Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) but have a parent who is registered under IR with ISC as a 6.1B or 6.1F you may be entitled to registration under the Indian Act” Click here for more information on first time registration: https://qalipu.ca/indian-registration-administration/

An individual recognized by the federal government as being registered under the Indian Act is referred to as a Registered Indian (commonly referred to as a Status Indian). Status Indians are entitled to a wide range of programs and services offered by federal agencies and provincial governments. In order to access many of these benefits you must have an Indian Status card.

The Temporary Confirmation of Registration Document is considered temporary in nature with an expiry date of 12 months from the date the document was issued. It is beneficial to all members to apply for their Status Card.

If your Temporary Confirmation of Registration Document has expired, please call 1-800-567-9604 to request another one.

Secured Certificate of Indian Status Card (SCIS) application forms and instructions regarding their completion are available through the following:

Forms are available by mail through calling the Public Enquiries Contact Centre at 1-800-567-9604 or TTY: 1-866-553-0554.  You can also find links to these forms at the top of this page.

It is important to remember that all SCIS (Secure Certificate of Indian Status) cards have a renew by date. Adult SCIS cards have a 10- year time frame, and children’s have a 5-year time frame. Each cards renewal date will be individualized by the card holders birth month and day.

Expiry of SCIS Cards for Children

PLEASE NOTE Parents can re-apply for a new card for their children to ensure they have a card to present to avail of all services offered by Health Canada.

To apply for the renewal of a child’s (15 or under) SCIS card, parents must ensure that they are within 6 months of the card expiring, and complete the following:

Complete a new SCIS Parent or Guardian Application

  • If members are not receiving assistance from one of our offices they will have to fill out a Guarantor Declaration form as well
  • 2 identical new passport photos must be included. If using a Guarantor, then that guarantor must sign and date the back of the photo that is stamped
  • Photocopy of applying parent’s ID, both front and back (this could include your Provincial Driver’s License, or Canadian Passport, Adult SCIS Card)
  • Photocopy of any custody documents (if applicable)
  • If Guarantor is used, then they must sign all photocopies as true copies of your originals. Note that all dates singed by applicant and guarantor must match on all documents. Please reference Instructions Booklet: SCIS Insruction Booklet

All completed applications must then be sent to:

SCIS National Processing Unit
10 Wellington Street
Gatineau, QC
K1A 0H4