Mailed April 21 2023

We’re one of over 100 First Nation communities across Canada participating in a project to put a spotlight on our labour market.  We want to know where the gaps are, and what planning, training and programs could best support our people.

The information we’re collecting is vital and we encourage you to participate.

If you’re a member of Qalipu First Nation age 15 +, you can complete the survey and we will send you a $25 gift card to say Thanks. 10 months after, you can complete an update to let us know of any changes.  Once your update is received, we will mail you a $40.00 gift card to show our appreciation.

With more than 5700 surveys completed so far, that’s over $140,000 in thank-you gift cards paid out to Band members!

The Indigenous Labour Market Survey is funded by Employment and Service Development Canada (ESDC) and is maintained and supported by Aboriginal Employment Services Inc. (AES).  The project began in 2018 and is scheduled to continue until March 31, 2025.

As part of the extension, our team will be surveying employers to help us further understand the labour market.  The employer survey will help update, and populate, the Qalipu Business Network.  The Qalipu Business Network (QBN) is an opportunity for member business owners to network with each other, develop alliances and partnerships, explore joint ventures, learn about business opportunities, and build relationships among Qalipu members. It brings Qalipu business owners under one umbrella and helps create a significant Qalipu business presence. The QBN is also where major contractors search for Indigenous sub-contractors and suppliers.

Take the survey to receive your $25 gift card!

Search for locally and nationally posted jobs!


Would you or someone you know like to complete the survey over the phone? We can do that.  How about help creating a resume using your survey data? We can do that, too! Please contact Patrick:

Patrick Davis
Tel. 709-634-5045


The survey provides valuable information on what skills, education and experience exist within our labour market.  It also helps us identify any gaps for future programming!

We’re also mailing a $25.00 gift card to all registered members of Qalipu First Nation who are 15 and older to say thank you for taking the time to complete the survey! A $40.00 gift card will be mailed to you 10 months after you completed your survey if you provide us with an update.  Contact our office to determine when you’re eligible for provide an update.

Contact Information:

If you’re retired, your survey will help us determine what sectors need workers, and what training or skills you needed to complete your job.

If you’re unemployed, your survey can help us help you get back to work!  We can match your skills to jobs, or help us determine what kind of training, programs or funding we can offer to assist you!

All collected information is confidential.  The database is stored on a secure server that requires login credentials and two-factor authentication.

You can complete the survey online by visiting this link: Labour Market Survey and Skills Inventory (

You can also complete the survey through telephone, or a hard copy of the survey can be mailed to you!

Please contact our office to ensure your survey was received.  We do receive a very high volume of surveys regularly so please continue to be patient while we continue to mail out gift cards. You can e-mail or call our office with your name, date of birth and mailing address for an update.

Contact Information:

The survey is quite long but gives us so much valuable information that will benefit our membership.  The time it takes to complete the survey will vary depending on your work experience, education etc.  Generally, it can take 20-30 minutes.