Qalipu First Nation Band would like to announce the availability of one Communal Commercial Fishing license.  License details are as follows:

This Enterprise consists of Groundfish-except lumpfish (2J, 3PN, 4RST), Herring Fixed Gear (Area 13), Squid (Area 13), Whelk (Area 13), Lobster (Area 13B), Snow Crab (Area 12), Mackerel Fixed Gear(Area 13), Capelin Fixed Gear (Area 13), and a bait.

Successful applicants will be designated to fish this license by paying an annual administration fee to Qalipu First Nation (QFN). The purchase and maintenance of all fishing gear is the responsibility of the designated fisherperson. The designation will be renewed annually on the basis that the fisherperson meets criteria as listed in the Fishing Designation Policy.

Any member of QFN interested in such a designation is encouraged to print and complete this application. Printed applications are also available at St. George’s and Corner Brook Qalipu offices.  Submit applications by February 23, 2018 by email, fax, or drop off to the address indicated on the application form.

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