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Ginu (ghee nu) is a Mi’kmaq word for ‘us’ which we use to describe our Membership and Labour Force database services for members.  Members can login to Ginu by clicking on the login button at the top of any page on our site.  You will use your Name and the Band Number provided to you.

Qalipu will periodically update new profiles in batches when they are received from Ottawa.   We want to confirm the information that we have on you as a Band member is accurate.  That can only be done by you. Therefore you are responsible for updating and managing your profile in Ginu.

Member profiles are used to develop and maintain the QMFN Membership List and generate the official Voters’ List for QMFN.  QMFN will also use your contact information to communicate with members about news, events, information on programs and services as well as upcoming information on elections and voting.

If you wish to access programs and services offered by QMFN, you will be required to enter additional personal information in Ginu. QMFN intends to provide a spectrum of programs and services to all members; from support for education and training, to provision of eligible non-insured health benefits, to connection to cultural and special events as well as the ability to become involved in economic development activities.

QMFN also wants to provide employers and economic development partners with high-level non-identifying information to encourage and cultivate employment opportunities.  However, to be able to participate in any of the Band’s programs and to receive any services each member must register and update their individual profile with the additional information requested on all the forms within the database.

If you are the legal guardian or parent (with legal custody status) of a member who is under 18 years of age, or have the power of attorney over an adult member with a disability, you may update his/her information if you agree to the same terms and conditions for accuracy and legal responsibility to update the information. To be able to enter information on behalf of your charge, you must first sign a Parent/Guardian Consent form and it must be on file with the Indian Registrar Assistant in the QMFN Band office. There is a copy of the form below that you can download and print. Sign it and mail to the QMFN Indian Registrar Assistant. Note: Only once the form has been received will access to the minor member database information be granted.

You should update your personal information anytime something changes.

Parent Consent Form
Designated Representative Consent Form