Wages shall be agreed upon with the employers prior to the approval of Wage Subsidy.  Education and Training will pay a maximum of 75% of the wages up to $16.00/hour

Generally, Education and Training will only subsidize 50% of the negotiated employment duration. Twelve (12) weeks is the maximum employment duration allowed.  Education and Training will not pay the twelve (12 weeks) consecutively.  The Employer and Education and Training will agree upon a payment schedule. Employers cannot hire immediate family.

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The Wage Subsidy Program can assist aboriginal Indigenous people to prepare for, obtain and maintain full time new employment. Education and Training offers both regular Wage Subsidy and Seasonal Wage Subsidy programs.

The purpose of this program is to provide employer’s with an incentive to hire aboriginal Indigenous employee’s whom they would not have normally hired in the absence of a subsidy.

Aboriginal Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Non-Aboriginal businesses or organizations are eligible applicants. The employee; however, must be an aboriginal Indigenous person and must not already be an employee of the employer applying for wage subsidy.



  • Wages agreements must be agreed upon with the employer prior to the approval of the wage subsidy
  • The programs will pay a maximum of 75% of the wages up to $16.00/hour
  • The program will only subsidize 50% of the negotiate employment duration to a maximum of 26 weeks and will not pay the weeks consecutively
  • The employer must maintain employment of the subsidized individual for 10 weeks immediately following the wage subsidy contract with no lapse in employment weeks.  If all terms are not properly fulfilled, the employer will be responsible for paying back 50% of the entire contract
  • Employers cannot hire immediate family

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The Self Employment Assistance program provides financial assistance to clients who want to start their own business.  Under this program, the client can access a maximum of $10,000 for assistance to cover living and other personal expenses during the initial stages of the business. The money is not to be used for direct investment into the business.  Education and Training may make financial contribution to hire consultants or technical experts to assess the business opportunities and/or prepare a business plan.


  • Self-Employment Assistance clients must complete the employment application
  • The client must submit a business plan to be considered for the program
  • The person applying for the Self Employment Assistance must be aboriginal Indigenous
  • Employment and Training does not support home based business

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The Graduate Incentive Program provides financial assistance to graduates looking for employment. Incentives for graduates and employers include:

  • employment counseling and job search
  • income support for job shadowing
  • a lump sum bonus to the graduates upon hiring
  • wage subsidy program (guarantees full time employment for at least 6 weeks following the wage subsidy)

Qualified graduates must:

  • have completed training no longer than two years prior to the application date
  • not have worked in the field of study for more than four consecutive weeks since graduation

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