Council Meeting Report

Council Meeting Report – May 25, 2024

Meeting of Chief and Council

The Qalipu Chief and Council met on Saturday, March 25 for their regular meeting in Corner Brook. All members of the Council were in attendance except for Bobby White, Ward Councillor for Flat Bay and Hayward Young, Ward Councillor for Stephenville. Charlene Combden, Ward Councillor for Exploits joined the meeting virtually. A large contingency of members attended the meeting. Thank you to those members for attending and we appreciate the concerns that they brought forward.

Jordan’s Principle Service Positions

Council discussed a briefing note from the Health & Wellness department regarding the two Jordan’s Principle Service positions. The request from the department was to make the Jordan’s Principle Service Coordinator and the Jordan’s Principle Service officer positions permanent in the organization chart. Comments were made in discussion that these positions are extremely important for the organization. These positions are currently filled and are in the Corner brook office, and it was discussed that due to the geographical location of members, it be considered that any additional positions be placed in QFN offices outside of Corner Brook. Increased communication to members regarding this service would raise awareness.

Motion to make the Jordan’s Principle Service Coordinator and the Jordan’s Principle Service Officer permanent positions was moved by Calvin and seconded by Sherry.

All councillors were in favour of the motion.

Organizational Chart

Council reviewed an organizational chart that was updated to include the Jordan’s Principle Service Coordinator and the Jordan’s Principle Service Offer under the Health & Wellness department. Another new change to this chart was the Project manager in the Executive Office. The Project Manager would assist with grant and proposal wiring, would look for new opportunities and ensure that reporting is competed, and all actions were carried out. A councillor commented that they were happy to see this position on the chart as they believe it would be a huge benefit to the organization and would assist all staff in completing tasks to better serve the membership.

Another addition to the organization chart is the administrative assistant in the finance department.

The updates to the organization chart motion was moved by Calvin and seconded by Terri. Motion was carried.

Amendments to council by-laws

Section 9.2 of the QFN Council procedures reads that councillors may add items to the agenda of regular or special meetings by submitting a notice to the band manager at least 7 calendar days before a regular scheduled council meeting.

A briefing note from the executive office would like to amend section 9.2(a) to state that councillors may add items to the agenda of regular or special meetings. Adding items to regular schedule council meetings would need to be submitted by a notice to the band manager in 13 days before the regular schedule meeting. This change would allow for sufficient time for the band manager and administrative staff to prepare the council agenda packages. This will ensure that council members receive their package 10 calendar days prior to a regular schedule council meeting.

After some discussion, council stated they would like to change the 13 days notice to 15 days.

This motion was moved by Ivan and seconded by Terri. Motion was carried.

Culture, tourism, and community development AOP Amendment

Two items were added back into the annual operational plan (AOP) for the Culture, Tourism, and Community Development department under section 2.6.8

The first item is to work with interested parties in Indian Point (Millertown) to develop a plan for Wigwam Point and area. This plan will preserve and protect the area around Indian Point.

The second item is to proceed with the development of Wigwam Point (Peterview) by working with the community to provide site enhancement.

These amendments were moved by Frank and seconded by Sherry. Motion was carried.

Standing Committee Reports

Councillors reviewed the standing committee reports prior to the council meeting. Comments were made regarding the Culture, Tourism and Community Development standing committee that the work of this department touches members in positive ways as it helps them heal from trauma and stay connected to their indigenous roots. Activities and events are available to members and communities and programs such as the Moon Time Program is being well perceived.

Q4 financial statements were also discussed, and a motion was made for approval of the statements, moved by Calvin and seconded by Ivan. Motion was carried.

Band Managers Update:

Band manager, Charles Pender reported that the By-Law review and HR review are ongoing, and meetings were happening weekly with the internal working committee. Notice of staff engagement survey has been sent to staff and more information will be circulated to them once survey launch approaches.

Two new guardian positions were advertised recently. These positions would place guardians in the Port au Port / St. George’s area. The funding for these positions is coming from a partnership with QFN and Ocean’s Collaborative.

Members are encouraged to go into the Kinu profile to verify that the information on file is correct. Having an email on file would be extremely beneficial to members to ensure that members receive their voting packages for the upcoming Fall 2024 election. If anyone requires assistance with updating the information on their membership profile, staff are available by contacting one of our offices.

Next Meeting of Council

The next regularly scheduled meeting of Chief and Council will be on July 20th, 2024.


Council Meeting Report March 2024_edited

Council Meeting Report – March 23 2024

Meeting of Chief and Council

The Qalipu Chief and Council met on Saturday, March 23 for their regular meeting.  Originally scheduled for Corner Brook, the meeting went ahead virtually due to winter storm warnings on the west coast of Newfoundland.

All members of the Council were in attendance except for Jasen Benwah, Ward Councilor for Port au Port and Bobby White, Ward Councilor for Flat Bay.

2024-25 Budget Approval

The main objective of this meeting was to review and approve Annual Operating Plans (AOPs) for all Departments and associated prepared budgets for the upcoming 2024-25 fiscal year.  Council approved the budgets with the condition that typos be corrected, and more specific details be provided on the allocated spending for two new projects in the Health and Wellness Department.

Band members can listen to the discussion around the new budget and its particulars on spending by logging in to their KINU membership profile (recordings of meetings can be found under the “Communications” tab and clicking on “Previous Live Streams”)

Highlights from QFN Annual Operating Plans:

Health and Wellness Department

  • Increase staffing and resources required to deliver Non-Insured Health Benefits.
  • Marketing and outreach to increase awareness of mental health counselling services that are available to Band members.
  • Finalize the five-year strategic plan.
  • Grow the Housing division and pursue additional housing support for Band members.

Education and Training Department

  • Continue delivery of funding programs for students.
  • Develop a Youth Strategy focused on assisting young people with career exploration opportunities, finding jobs, creating businesses, and gaining workplace skills.
  • Pursue partnerships and targeted training opportunities that help Band members gain employment.
  • Support small businesses hiring Indigenous students through the Youth Summer Employment Program.

Environment and Natural Resources

  • Patrols on St. George’s Bay, Bay of Islands, Glenwood and Gand Bay areas under the Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy program.
  • Participate in consultation related to Environmental Impact Assessments.
  • Continue research and monitoring around several species at risk including piping plover, pine marten and little brown bats.
  • Work with provincial working groups focused on species and habitat conservation.

Culture, Tourism and Community Development Department

  • Support tourism businesses entering the industry.
  • Explore potential retail and wholesale opportunities for Indigenous artisans.
  • Develop a digital resource manual for Entrepreneurial Support Program.
  • Host a Qalipu Business Forum.


  • Implement new payroll software.
  • Work with staff to train on new policies under Financial Administration Law.
  • Regular meetings with the Finance and Audit Committee to provide financial reports on all QFN expenditures.
  • Identify budget and funding to develop and issue a Request for Proposals for a salary review.

Operations Department

  • Cybersecurity training plan for staff at QFN.
  • Work with the infrastructure team to map out needs for 2024-25.
  • Provide in-person assistance in key locations to help assist members with SCIS applications and renewals.
  • Provide passport-style photo service for SCIS applications and renewals.

Change to Finance Policy – Credit Card for the Chief

Management, including all the Directors and the Band Manager, at Qalipu First Nation have band-issued credit cards to cover the costs associated with business expenses or travel on band business.   Directors have a limit of $5000 while the Band Manager has a $25,000 credit cap.

Band-issued cards eliminate the need for the individual to bear a burden on their personal credit cards and make it easier for the Finance Department to reconcile expenses and match charges to appropriate budgets.

The Finance and Audit Committee brought forward a recommendation to amend the finance policy to improve efficiencies and remove unnecessary barriers by also making a credit card available to the Chief at the Senior Management level.

A committee member explained, “Sometimes there are multiple nights stay at a place where the band doesn’t have direct billing, and it’s all going on her own card.  Charges like this along with taxis, meals and incidentals…before an expense claim can be made and settled to recoup the costs…these charges can add up to a large sum very quickly.  It’s inefficient and unnecessary.”

The Council voted to accept the recommendation of the Finance and Audit Committee.

Election Update

2024 is an election year for Qalipu First Nation and in October, Band members will have the opportunity to vote for their leaders for the next four years.

A tentative schedule for the election was tabled.

The call for nomination of candidates will occur on September 27 and close on October 4.  The voting window is expected to open on October 19 and close on October 25.

Voting will be conducted online or over the phone and members should be sure to list their email with the Band to receive their secure voter PIN.

The details and dates surrounding the election will officially be announced and set into motion with the appointment of an Elector Officer later this year.

Next Meeting of Council

The next regularly scheduled meeting of Chief and Council will be on May 25, 2024.