The Indian Register is the official record identifying all status Indians in Canada.  Status Indians are those persons who are registered with the federal government as Indians according to the terms of the Indian Act.  The Indian Register contains the names of all persons who are registered as Indians, together with information such as dates of birth, death, marriage and divorce, as well as records of persons transferring from one band to another.

All events which will require an amendment to an existing Indian Registry System (IRS) file should be reported to the Indian Registration Administrator.

These events would include:


To register a child under the age of 18 years under the Indian Act, the parents or legal guardian must submit the original long form birth certificate along with a completed Application for Registration of a Child under the Indian Act.  
Click Here – Form No. Inter 83 – 044AE (if having trouble, viewing: right click, save link/target as…)
Important information regarding registration of children: Click here to read.


To report a marriage, please provide the Marriage Registration or Marriage Certificate.  Along with the certificate a short note advising if you wish to have your maiden name changed in the IRS.  The note should be dated and signed with the name we presently have you listed as in the IRS.


To report a divorce, please provide a Certificate of Divorce.  A divorce granted in the United States must be accompanied by the appropriate document.  If the registered female spouse wishes to revert to her maiden name she must forward a written request which has to be dated and signed in the name we presently have in the IRS.

Name Amendments

In order to have your family, given, birth or alias name changed in the IRS you must provide the IRA with a Certificate of Legal Name Change along with an amended birth certificate. A written request is also required, dated and signed with the name we presently have in the IRS.


To report a confirmed death of a registered Indian, please provide the IRA with a Funeral Director’s Statement, Death Certificate or Vital Statistics Death Registration.


For additional information, please contact

Charmaine Bath
Indian Registration Administrator
Qalipu First Nation Band
P.O. Box 149
45 Spruce Avenue
Glenwood, NL  A0G 2K0

Tel: (709) 679-2142
Fax: (709) 679-2344