Terms and Conditions

I have read the Kinu information, including questions and answers and I understand the intent of this membership database.

I agree to enter only correct and accurate personal information.

I further agree that I will not enter personal information about another member without their prior approval (if he/she has given you permission to access his/her personal profile) to enter his/her information.

I understand that my personal information will only be used by the QFN for the following purposes:

  • Developing and maintaining the QFN Membership List
  • Generating the official Voters’ List for QFN
  • Inviting members to vote by email
  • Mailing out Voter Information Packages
  • General and targeted communication with members for which I will provide consent through the Communication Preference tab on my profile.

At no point will my personal information from this database be disclosed, sold, shared or provided to any government department, agency, private or public company, body, individual or organization without my prior consent unless required to do so by law.

To access the database and to store my personal information on the database, I am consenting (agreeing) to allow QFN to use my personal information for the above purposes.

I have read the terms and conditions and I agree to them: