Eagle Feather Bestowment Ceremony

A truly special event which took place in Stephenville on January 25, 2019. Eagle feathers were presented to the provincial courts of Newfoundland and Labrador so that individuals may choose to swear their oath using the an eagle feather.

Qalipu Health Videos

Anne Marie’s Journey

Anne Marie was always involved in her community until the tragic death of her young grandson made her feel lost and alone.

“I went to a very dark place where, all you can think about, is the loss and the pain.  Nothing else comes into your mind… until one day you get a phone call and all of a sudden, the light comes on and you remember… the moment that I got into the circle, it was like a weight lifted.  The culture brought me back.”

Anne Marie’s journey reminds us that in times of sadness and loss, we can find courage in our family, friends and community.

Tyrone’s Journey

“My biggest therapy is Mother Nature…I feel responsible, as a Mi’kmaq person, to help Mother Nature.  We look at everything, whether it is a rock or a tree, as life.”

Tyrone Mulroney suffered a heart attack in 2014.  Since then, he has relied not only on western medicine but has also immersed himself in the quiet, therapeutic benefits of Mother Nature, and the healing she provides.

Check out this inspiring video about Tyrone’s journey, and his nature focused approach to healing.

Joanne's Journey

“When I smudge, I get more focused in the now. When I bring it to my heart, this is what’s truly me. When I wash it over my legs, this is where I need help at the moment. I’m strong, I’m here, and I’m in the present”

Joanne Bennett was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2012. This condition has caused a lot of challenges in her life but, Joanne says that she draws strength from her community, culture and a connection to the Creator.

Check out this touching video about Joanne’s journey, and her holistic approach to healing.

Informational Videos

2018 Swearing in Ceremony of the New Council

Amendment Vote 2018

A Demonstration of Community Solidarity

Families and communities divided, veterans dismissed, long standing activists denied membership and FNI members who voted to create the First Nation excluded! Our stories set us apart, but our ability to stand together and support one another is our way, the way of the caribou. Watch the video that everyone has been talking about, and share your story.

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