FNI Update

The word NEWS written in vintage wooden letterpress type in a wooden type drawer.

Acting Chief Jenny Brake and Central Vice Chief Andy Barker have filed an application in the Court of Appeal seeking standing as former members of Federation of Newfoundland Indians (FNI) Board of Directors. Their request is scheduled to be heard at the Court of Appeal in St. John’s at 10 AM on May 21st.

Addressing concerns about the involvement of QFN directors or local chiefs in the process, Acting Chief Brake stressed the significance of unity and cooperation towards a common objective. The former FNI directors actions were driven by a sense of duty to the community and their legal obligations.

“We understand the potential perceptions, but fulfilling our role as former members of the FNI board was necessary to ensure the process proceeds appropriately.”


“Our efforts are geared towards reinstating disenfranchised members. This was our responsibility as FNI directors, and one we wish to continue. Our focus is to ensure that the veterans file has an opportunity to be completed , and those who will gain membership in the Qalipu Band under that agreement are not delayed in any way.  We wish to ensure that we have further opportunities to work with Canada to support the reinstatement of the members of the FNI including the many family members that are still seeking membership.”


“We remain dedicated to assisting families,” stated the former directors. “The determination of who is eligible for membership is not the exclusive role of QFN or FNI. As directors of the FNI, we had an opportunity to advocate fully for those seeking reinstatement and we wish to continue to do so.”

The Qalipu First Nation continues to emphasize its steadfast commitment to upholding justice and ensuring equitable processes for all community members.