Message from the Chief – January 6, 2023

community tour team


Pusu’l Puna’ne, Happy New Year! We’re all back in the office at Qalipu First Nation this week after a nice break at home with our loved ones, the people and pets we call family, enjoying some rest and holiday treats.  I pray that we all are coming into this new year rested, renewed and ready to take back up our journey.

For myself, I am pleased to report that 93% of members who voted in the recent referendum for our Service Members Agreement voted YES.  Yes, to the opportunity to bring more of our people into this Band where they belong.  The support of our membership in this endeavour, this negotiation with Canada, has strengthened and renewed me as I go forward this year as your Chief, working for the people of our Nation.   Who knows what else we can accomplish when we stand together?

Additional information regarding the Service Members Agreement will be communicated with all of you as we approach the next steps along the way.

I immensely enjoyed travelling the breadth of our territory on the community tour in December.  We met many folks who although busy with the season, were motivated to come out and learn more whether for themselves, a brother, or a friend.  We also met veterans who could now be eligible for Founding Membership.  What a fantastic gift, to have had thousands of voters come out just before Christmas and say yes, we want this for you, m’sit nokmaq.

On behalf of our Council and staff, I want you to know that there are more good things to come this year.  We will be working hard on your behalf, and we will treasure the moments, one by one.

Chief Brendan