QCF Cultural Support Grants – Helping Communities from Workshop to Classroom to Forest

Snowshoe donation

Kikmanaq (our family; our friends) Indigenous Cultural Revival Association (KIRA) received a Cultural Support Grant from the Qalipu Cultural Foundation for a snowshoe building workshop.

Six pairs of the snowshoes that were built at the workshop were donated by the group to Mme. Laite’s Kindergarten classroom at Gander Academy. The snowshoes may also be used around the community as needed. Glenwood Ward Councilor Frank Skeard was on hand to provide some Mi’kmaq language/french/English resources and storybooks to Mme. Laite’s class as well!

Pictured above is Mme. Laite and her kindergarten classroom at Gander Academy along with KIRA representative Jordan Pottle and her daughter Norah.

The snowshoes were put to good use on March 1, 2020 (Indigenous Cultural Day) at Thomas Howe Demonstration forest. To deliver the event, which consisted of a craft demonstration and sale, a guided nature walk, and a campfire, KIRA partnered with the local Women’s Center and with WelcomeNL.

The Mi’kmaq Cultural Heritage Program is an annual grant intended to support Indigenous organizations and groups pass on traditional knowledge or host celebrations that promote Indigenous pride and identity. To learn more, please click here (http://qalipuculturalfoundation.ca/cultural-support-program/)