Registration for Mi’kmaw Language Classes Now Open, Ends on Sunday March 7

Language Revival registration

In January, Qalipu First Nation announced the launch of a new project focused on the revival of the Mi’kmaw language among our membership.  Registration for classes is now open.  Classes will take place via virtual workshops, are available to beginner, novice and intermediate levels and will aim to create opportunities for learners to speak with fluent speakers of the language.

Band Manager Keith Goulding noted, “This is an exciting project for the Band and a positive step forward in reviving our heritage. This language initiative gives us an opportunity to deepen our connection to culture and provide our members with meaningful learning opportunities.”

The language project will be coordinated by Project Coordinator Dean Simon who has just returned from a two-year Mi’kmaw immersion program in Eskasoni.

“The Mentor-Apprentice Mi’kmaw Program with Mi’kmaw Kinamatnewey has provided me with a solid understanding and comfort with the language and I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned.  Right now, to get an understanding of where people are with their level of learning, I am asking everyone who is interested to complete the pre-registration”, Simon said.

To register for Mi’kmaw class, click here: