Skills Parachute Program

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The Skills Parachute Program is designed to increase the skills of the client and improve their chances of maintaining or gaining employment. The Skills Parachute Program is for short-term courses up to a maximum of 5 days in length and at a maximum cost of $1,500.

Recertification of expired courses may be eligible for support under this program in circumstances where the client is not currently attached to the labour force and requires recertification to increase employability. The Skills Parachute Program will not cover the cost of driver education or hunter education courses.

For courses longer in duration (longer than 5 days but shorter than 12 weeks) and at a maximum cost of $5,000 we also have funding available through a program called “Short-Term Courses Funding Program”

Please note: You must apply for this funding before taking the course, this is not a reimbursement program for courses you have taken without applying for this program.

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