Qalipu First Nation Voter Registration Student Summer Employment Program

YSEP Voter Reg


Registration of voters for the upcoming Qalipu election.

Voter Registration Clerks will contact voting age members to collect and/or verify mailing addresses to ensure everyone has a chance to vote in the upcoming election via receipt of a voter information package in the mail.

Those with incorrect or unregistered mailing addresses will not receive the voter information package.


In 2018, voters ratified an amendment to the Election Code that changes the way we vote.  Instead of heading to the polls, voters will receive a voter information package and secure PIN in the mail.  To vote, voters will have to register a valid mailing address with us so that we can send them the necessary information.

Upon receipt of the package, voters will use their secure PIN to vote by phone or over the internet.

A Voter Registration Clerk summer student will be put in place in each of Qalipu’s nine Wards to contact members by phone, email or in person where known personal connections can be utilized.

The position will be 14 weeks in duration running from May 10, 2021 to August 13, 2021.


Voter Registration Clerks will use the ginu membership database to contact Band members by phone to update their contact and other information.  Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Follow a prepared script
  • Make phone calls to Band members
  • Send emails to Band members where phone numbers are not listed
  • Enter accurate information into the ginu membership database
  • Maintain confidentiality of membership information
  • Track daily calls/emails and database errors and updates using a tracking spreadsheet and/or administrator web updates
  • Endeavour to make community connections and share update information with Band members who do not have contact information listed in the database
  • Liaise with the Indian Registration Administrator to facilitate updates to the Indian Registrar
  • Other duties as required

Qualifications: The ideal student is comfortable speaking with new people and can effectively represent the Qalipu First Nation with a positive and friendly attitude.  Students must be able to stay motivated on task with minimal supervision, have knowledge of spreadsheets, databases and a proficiency in the operation of a computer.  Ability to work with a team toward a common goal.

Student must have access to own phone line and high speed internet access (reimbursements will be provided to offset costs)

Education: The candidate must be a post-secondary student who is returning to full-time studies in the fall.

Experience: No experience necessary, training will be provided.  Experience working in client service environment is an asset.

Working Conditions: This position is home based.  The duties can be met during various hours with possibility of evenings and weekends to make up the hours.


To be eligible for summer employment through the ISETP Youth Program, a student:

  • Must be planning to return to full-time studies in September of the current year
  • Must have been registered as a full-time student in the previous academic year; and
  • Be a member of the Qalipu First Nation or Self-Identified Indigenous Person (students are asked to indicate on their cover letter their Indigenous Ancestry)


Please apply by sending your resume to Employment Coordinator Yvonne MacDonald at

Deadline to apply

Please apply by April 16 at 4:00 PM