Message From the Chief

(Published October 7, 2015)

An important time is at hand with the Qalipu 2015 Election.  I would like to take this opportunity to remind members of the importance of getting out to vote and participating in their own election.  Aboriginal people in Canada have been criticized for not exercising their voting rights. As the newest Indian Act Band let’s show our commitment to democracy.

Polls will be open on Friday, October 23, 2015, from 12:01 pm to 8:00 pm in the following locations:

Benoit’s Cove-Benoit’s Cove Community Hall, Benoit’s Cove

Corner Brook-St. John The Evangelist Parish Hall, Main Street, Corner Brook

Exploits-United Memorial Church Parish Hall, Grand Falls-Windsor

Flat Bay-Flat Bay Community Centre, Flat Bay

Gander Bay-Wings Point Community Centre, Wings Point

Glenwood-Fire Hall, Glenwood

Port au Port-Leisure Club, Port au Port

Stephenville-Stephenville Lions Club, Stephenville

St. George’s-St. Joseph’s Parish Hall, St. George’s

Advance Polls will be open on Saturday, October 17, 2015 from 12:01 pm to 8:00 pm in the following locations:

Corner Brook-St. Michael and All Angels Parish Hall, Park Drive, Corner Brook

Stephenville-Stephenville Lions Club, Stephenville

Exploits-Seniors Recreation Centre, Edwards Place, Grand Falls-Windsor


I will also point out that our monthly newsletter is now online.  Please read on and stay connected.

Chief Brendan Sheppard

Click here to read Maw-pemita’jik Qali’pu’k monthly newsletter

Latest News

Strategic Plan Finalized

(Published October 7, 2015)

The business of Qalipu is governed within the framework of a Strategic Plan. This plan, which is renewed every five years, is developed through contributions from our core teams, Chief and Council and Band members.

Earlier this year, planning sessions were held with the front line staff who are in frequent contact with membership: Work Force Qalipu, Service Qalipu and the   Operations department.   They presented their ideas for future direction to the Chief and Council.

Chief and Council have since met to consider those ideas put forth by Qalipu staff and to spend a day prioritizing future direction for the Band, and commit to an agenda that will best serve the membership.

Members of the Band responded in record numbers to the third phase of the plan’s development, a survey to identify what membership feel is the right direction for our First Nation to continue to grow and thrive.

Of some 1100 survey responses we have found some common messages that we will act on.  For example, a large percentage of membership indicated that they felt there were not enough meetings with Ward Councilors in their wards.  This issue was brought before council and all have agreed to new terms to make it a priority to hold at least one ward meeting annually.

Members also indicated not wanting to travel to Conne River to make on reserve, tax free purchases.  Qalipu has been doing research and planning on how to establish an urban reserve in one of our wards.  This has been done elsewhere in Canada and we will pursue this option diligently.

Finally, aboriginal rights was a strong topic of interest for Qalipu membership.  We have sought out a legal opinion on how to move forward to pursue aboriginal rights such as fishing, and hunting.  We have been advised that it will be a lengthy process if it is possible at all.  However, we are committed to putting in the work to get there.  Like the process of recognition which took 40 years, we will not give up on this initiative which is high on the priority list of the membership.

To view the document summarizing the five year strategic plan, click here.


Supplier Information Session

(Published October 7, 2015)

Vale, in partnership with the Department of Business, Tourism, Culture and Rural Development, will be hosting Supplier Information Sessions at various locations in Newfoundland and Labrador to provide potential suppliers with information related to the underground mine development at Voisey’s Bay.

To register, please contact Deborah Guillemette at 709-729-1943 or by October 22, 2015. Following the presentation, a limited number of individual meetings will be available with Vale representatives.

Click here to view locations and times for the information sessions

Qalipu Election 2015-Candidates

(Published October 5, 2015)

Candidates 2

Qalipu Election 2015 Important Reminders

(Published October 1, 2015)

Nomination Reminder: If you have a candidate you would like to nominate for the position of Chief, Vice Chief Central Region, Vice Chief Western Region or Ward Councilor, his/her completed nomination form must be received at the Corner Brook Office, 3 Church Street, by 4:00 pm, October 2, 2015.  Please note that nomination forms are to be submitted with a non-refundable fee of $25.00 in the form of cash, money order, bank draft or certified cheque.

Mail-in-ballot Reminder: The deadline to request a mail-in-ballot is October 9.  Applying for a mail-in-ballot allows you to vote from anywhere.  Members who have submitted a valid mail-in-ballot application will be sent a ballot once the nomination period ends and the candidates have been verified.  You must then choose your candidates and the ballot must be mailed back.  Please note many applications have been received without proof of membership.  In order to be valid, your application must have a copy of your Band card or a letter from Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada indicating your membership to the Band.

Nomination forms and mail-in-ballot applications can be found here:

Invitation to Tender-Snow Clearing Services

(Published September 30, 2015)

Qalipu Development Corporation (QDC) requires snow clearing services for 1 & 3 Church Street, Corner Brook, NL.  Services to include regular snow clearing to be performed from December 1, 2015 through March 31, 2016.

Services requested include: plowing attached parking areas, shoveling of walkways and emergency exits and applying salt or sand when needed.

Please provide bid to QDC in writing clearly marked “Snow Clearing Tender”.  Proposals must be received   at 3 Church Street, Corner Brook, NL A2H 2Z4 by 4pm on October 23, 2015.  Please note that members of the Qalipu Mi’Kmaq First Nation Band are encouraged to apply.       

Qalipu Election 2015 Notice of Election, Call for Nominations and Nomination Forms Are Now Online

(Published September 23, 2015)

Election Day Polling and Advance Polling dates times and locations are now online in the Notice of Election at

From this link you will also find the Call for Nominations as well as the Nomination Forms to nominate candidates for the position of Chief, Vice-Chief Western Region, Vice-Chief Central Region and Councilor for each of Qalipu’s nine wards.  Please note that nominations forms are to be submitted to the Qalipu Office at 3 Church Street, Corner Brook during business hours (Monday-Friday 9-4).  A non refundable fee of $25.00 shall be submitted with the nomination papers in the form of cash, money order, bank draft or certified cheque.The deadline to make your nomination is 4:00 pm on October 2, 2015.

Qalipu Election 2015 Mail-in-Ballot Application Now Available

(Published September 18, 2015)

If you don’t live in an Electoral Ward, or if you have reason to believe that you will find it difficult to vote at an advance poll or at the poll on polling day, you may apply to vote by mail in ballot.

Please ensure that you complete the mail-in-ballot application in full, and attach a copy of your band card or official letter from Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada indicating your membership to the band.  The application can be returned by fax, mail or email (see application for details)

Click here for the mail-in-ballot application form


Qalipu Election 2015

(Published September 10, 2015)

As the Chief Electoral Officer releases information regarding nominations, advance polling, mail-in ballots, regular polling, and other important notices, we will post it here.  For general information regarding the Qalipu 2015 Election including a summary of the Custom Rules Governing Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation Band Elections, how to update your address if you have moved, and who to contact with election related questions, please click here.


The Government of Canada and the Federation of Newfoundland Indians Announce Appointment of Geoffrey Brown as Chief Appeal Master to the Qalipu Enrolment Process

(Published July 31, 2015)

The Honourable Bernard Valcourt, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, and Brendan Sheppard, President of the Federation of Newfoundland Indians (FNI), today welcomed the joint appointment of Mr. Geoffrey Brown as Chief Appeal Master to the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation Enrolment process. Click Here to read.


Expiry of SCIS Cards for Children

(Published December 3, 2014)
Please note that all SCIS (Secure Certificate of Indian Status) cards have a set date to which they will expire. This occurs on all members’ birth dates, with adults expiring in a 10 year time frame, and children’s in a 3 year time frame.

With this being said, it should be noted that the majority of children’s SCIS cards will be expiring in 2015. Parents must re-apply for a new card for their children to ensure they have a card to present to avail of all services offered by Health Canada.

To apply for a renewal SCIS card parents must apply for a new card within 6 months of the card expiring, and complete the following:

  • The expiring SCIS Card will have to be returned with the application to the SCIS National Processing Unit
  • Complete a new SCIS Parent or Guardian Application. If members are not receiving assistance from one of our offices they will have to fill out a Guarantor Declaration form as well
  • New passport photos must be included. If members need the Guarantor then that person must sign the back of the photo that is stamped,
  • Photocopies of parents ID’s, both front and back (this could include your Provincial Driver’s License and Health Cards, example MCP). Again, if Guarantor is used then they must sign the photocopies as true copies of your original IDs.

Parents will not have to include their children’s original long form birth certificate as there is already a certified copy with the SCIS National Processing Unit.

All completed applications must then be sent to:

SCIS National Processing Unit
10 Wellington Street
Gatineau, QC
K1A 0H4

Qalipu is here to help with the process of reapplication.  An SCIS Clerk, Nancy O’Connell, has been hired to take appointments at the Corner Brook and St. George’s office.  Please call (709) 634-4010 or email to make an appointment.  Charmaine Bath, Indian Registration Adminisrator, will continue to assist members at the Glenwood and Grand Falls-Windsor office.  Please call (709) 679-2142 or email to make an appointment.




Ke’tipnemk (Harvest) Fundraising Dinner Poster 2015 2

 Ke’tipnemk (Harvest) Fundraising Dinner and Silent Auction 

The Ke’tipnemk Fundraising Dinner and Silent Auction will take place on Oct 24th, 2015, in Corner Brook. The inaugural event will highlight Aboriginal fine art and crafts with an elegant three course meal of traditional and modern cuisines.

The Fundraiser is in support of the Foundation’s mandate of ensuring cultural documentation, and promoting the involvement of youth and Elders in cultural activities within the Band, and to strive to inspire our people to proudly embrace their heritage, to empower them to continue the traditions of our ancestors and restore the spirit of Mi’kmaq culture in Newfoundland and Labrador. The night will be filled with cultural sharing and experiences.

By supporting this event you are fostering the growth and development of programs that will give back to the community. A community which cherishes and wants to share its culture and traditional practices, holds the overall health and education of its members as its highest priority and faces the future with confidence.

Tickets can now be purchases for $45.00. For further information please contact Mitch Blanchard or (709) 634-8046 or Nicole Companion or (709) 634- 8043

If you’re travelling from out of town and planning to stay the night use the promotional code: “Qalipu Harvest” at The Glynmill Inn (1-800-563-4400) or the Greenwood Inn and Suites (1-800-399-5381), and receive a special rate of $115/night single or double.



Members and applicants who have questions regarding their membership application and the enrolment process, please Click Here for our Enrolment FAQ’s or call 1-800-561-2266