Qalipu First Nation Disappointed by Enrolment Outcome

February 07, 2017, Corner Brook—Today the Government of Canada released the preliminary results of the Enrolment Committee’s review of applications for membership in the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation. The final Founding Members will only be known after the appeal process and officially confirmed through an Order in Council, expected in the spring of 2018.

The preliminary results of the Enrolment Committee’s review are as follows:

  • 13,365 applicants who are on the current Founding Members list will remain eligible for founding membership
  • 10,512 applicants who are on the current Founding Members list were found by the joint Enrolment Committee to not meet the criteria under the 2013 Supplemental Agreement for Founding Membership (These individuals will retain their membership until the amendment of the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation Band Order, expected in the spring of They are entitled to appeal their decision, the results of which may increase the Founding Members List. Some of those who are no longer eligible for founding membership may still be able to register for membership as a descendant of a Founding Member.)
  • 4,679 applicants who were not Founding Members will now be eligible for founding membership (They will gain membership once the amendment of the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation Band Order is confirmed through an Order in Council in the spring of )
  • 68,134 applicants were not Founding Members and will not be eligible for founding membership
  • 3,984 applicants have invalid applications and are therefore not eligible for founding membership
  • It is anticipated that the membership will be comprised of approximately 95% of people living in Newfoundland and Labrador, and 5% living elsewhere in

Brendan Mitchell, Chief of the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation expressed his disappointment with the outcome of this process.  He said, “Unfortunately, the goodwill that was created with the formation of the Qalipu First Nation in 2011 stands to be negatively impacted by these outcomes.  Our language, culture and pride in who we are have been making a big comeback. I’m concerned about the hurt and division these outcomes may cause among families and communities. We are however, a resilient people, and I’m hopeful that we will pull through this difficult time together.”

Chief Mitchell explained that the Federation of Newfoundland Indians (FNI) is party to the Agreement and the Supplemental Agreement that established the First Nation.  Those Agreements established a process that must be seen to its conclusion. However, he noted measures that the FNI will take on behalf of applicants.  He said, “The FNI Board is utilizing the Agreement to try to help as many applicants as it can. To this end, its lawyers have been instructed to initiate appeals on behalf of the FNI under the

Agreement where there are reasonable grounds to do so. This will ensure that the Enrolment Committee did not overlook something that would allow the applicant to retain or qualify for Founding Membership. We will continue to work on behalf of members and applicants to minimalize impacts of today’s announcement.”

The Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation recognizes that this is a difficult time for our members and the

applicants.  As such, we are doing everything we can to offer support for our members and

applicants.  We have put in place an End of Enrolment Support Team including Enrolment Assistants that will be available to take your call or meet with you in one of our five office locations – St. George’s, Stephenville, Corner Brook, Glenwood and Grand Falls-Windsor.  For more information on this please visit our website http://qalipu.ca/end-of-enrolment-support/

Advice Help Support And Tips Signpost Shows Information And Guidance

End of Enrolment Support

On January 31, 2017, approximately 101,000 letters were mailed to applicants, including current members, informing them of the decision of the Enrolment Committee.  All those who have applied for membership, except those previously rejected, will learn if they are eligible or ineligible for Founding Membership and next steps.

Applicants and current members are advised that the first point of contact for information regarding the end of enrolment decision letters, questions about the appeal process, and to make a request for a copy of your applicant record, is the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation help line at 1-800-561-2266. 

At Qalipu First Nation, we are doing everything we can to offer support for our members and applicants.  We have put in place an End of Enrolment Support Team including Enrolment Assistants that will be available to take your call or meet with you in one of our five office locations – St. George’s, Stephenville, Corner Brook, Glenwood and Grand Falls-Windsor.

Applicants with the right to appeal the decision of the Enrolment Committee are reminded that our Enrolment Assistants cannot file an appeal for you.  However, they will be available to do the following:

  • Provide general information regarding the appeals process.
  • Provide general information regarding the enrolment process.
  • Help you to understand your decision letter.

To contact our End of Enrolment Support Team:

Flat Bay (709) 647-1370
St. George’s (709) 647-3514
Glenwood (855) 263-6440
Grand Falls-Windsor (709) 489-2898
Stephenville (709) 643-3774
Corner Brook 1-844-368-7160
(709) 634-4010
Toll Free 1-855-263-6440 or 1-844-368-7160.

We ask that you keep in mind that these individuals are here to help provide support; they are not involved in the processing, or decision, of your application.

For more information including End of Enrolment and appeals related Questions & Answers, the history of the Mi’kmaq movement in Newfoundland, Messages from the Chief, the Agreements and related documents that are referenced in your decision letter, please visit our website www.qalipu.ca.  Once on the site, a pop-up will appear containing all available information.

Land study pic

Qalipu First Nation 2017 Traditional Land Use Study

Qalipu First Nation will be conducting interviews in communities along the south shore of the Bay of Islands from January 30th to February 24th. The purpose of these interviews is to gather information from Qalipu members about their experiences on the land. Topics will include hunting, fishing, gathering, farming and camping. This study will document how Qalipu First Nation Band members traditionally interacted with their environment and will allow for the preservation of this valuable information for future generations.

To participate in an interview, individuals must be Qalipu Band members and at least 18 years of age.

Please contact Project Coordinator, Sara Leah Hindy, at shindy@qalipu.ca or 634-9653 if you would like to participate in this study.


North American Indigenous Games Team 2017 Looking for Athletes

The North American Indigenous Games(NAIG) is the largest continental sporting and cultural gathering of Indigenous people, welcoming more than 5,000 athletes, 2,000 volunteers and a number of spectators and dignitaries from across North America. The City of Toronto will be Host to this years NAIG that will take place from July 16 – 23, 2017.

BSG Aboriginal Sport and Recreation Circle is planning to enter teams (male and female) in the sports bolded below:

Archery 16U, 19U 2001 & later, 1998 & later
Athletics 14U, 16U, 19U 2003 & later, 2001 & later, 1998 & later
Badminton 16U, 19U 2001 & later, 1998 & later
Baseball (Male) 17U 2000 & later
Basketball 14U, 16U, 19U 2003 & later, 2001 & later, 1998 & later
Boxing1 17-18, 16 can upgrade 2000-1999, 2001 upgrade
Canoe/Kayak 14U, 16U, 19U 2003 & later, 2001 & later, 1998 & later
Box Lacrosse (Female TBD)2 16U, 19U 2001& later, 1998 & Later
Golf 16U, 19U 2001 & later, 1998 & Later
Rifle Shooting 16U, 19U 2001 & later, 1998 & Later
Soccer 16U, 19U 2001 & later, 1999 & later
Softball 16U, 19U 2001 & later, 1998 & Later
Swimming 14U, 16U, 19U 2003 & later, 2001 & later, 1998 & later
Volleyball U16, 19U 2001 & later, 1998 & Later
Wrestling 16-18, 15 can upgrade 2001–1999, 2002 upgrade

If you are interested in trying out for our NAIG team, please check out the application which can be found hereNote: For volleyball, we will only be sending U19 teams (male and female).

For more information contact:

St. George’s Ward Councilor
Arlene Blanchard White


Monthly Newsletter – January 2017


In this edition of Maw-pemita’jik Qalipu’k we’ve put together all available enrolment related information in a three-page spread that includes links to more information.  If you can’t find the answer to a question you’ve got in mind, you’re encouraged to get in touch.

Have you heard that Qalipu has hired a new Band Manager?  Randy Drover has a variety of employment experience, a long history of involvement with the aboriginal movement in Newfoundland, and an excellent education to boot.  Find the story Qalipu Welcomes Band Manager on page 4.

“We are English speaking Mi’kmaq people… what difference does it make if we express ourselves, our Mi’kmaq spirit, in English?  After all, my ancestors learned French and English and spoke these new languages with a strong spirit of survival and forward momentum.  Why now go back?” A secret thought I carried as I enrolled in the Grenfell Mi’kmaw Teaching and Learning course.  However, I was soon given a valuable lesson on the true importance of language, and how to Learn with Nijaqmij (my spirit).  Find the story in my editorial Rethinking Language on page 5.

Bernie Hanlon was a dedicated Qalipu employee and member of the Band who committed her life to working with, supporting and encouraging aboriginal students to achieve their dreams.  Each year, in memory of Bernie Hanlon, the Band presents a scholarship to one deserving student.  Read all about this year’s winner, and find out how you can apply to be the next recipient, on page 6.

Finally, you’ll find information on upcoming events, the latest Council Meeting Report and a few snapshots from our communities on pages 7-9.

Please enjoy the newsletter and as always, keep in touch.

Click here to view this month’s newsletter



2015 Qalipu Mi’Kmaq First Nation Green Team (Green Crab project) to be featured on new TV show: EcoVision

The Conservation Corps Newfoundland and Labrador’s (CCNL) has a new TV show, EcoVision, and our youth will be on it!

Each episode of EcoVision has 4-6 short segments about the exciting environmental action happening right here in Newfoundland and Labrador. The segment about the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation’s initiative is in Episode 4: Ocean Protection. The premiere for this episode is Tuesday, February 14th at 8:00pm on ROGERStv St. John’s. After the initial premiere, our episode will screen another 12 times throughout the week of its release (February 14th – February 21st).

For those outside of the St. John’s area: EcoVision will air cross-island (Gander – GFW- Corner Brook areas) on Saturdays @ 12:00 p.m. / Sunday @ 2:30 p.m. ROGERStv and Rogers subscribers can also stream content live online at www.rogerstv.com. All they have to do is enter their MyRogers account information on the main page. In addition, after each initial premiere week, full episodes will be made available for free on CCNL’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/CCNLvideo

Click here for a short video promoting the show on Facebook, and spread the word about our appearance on EcoVision!


Video: Chief Mitchell talks Enrolment at Corner Brook Café

Earlier this week, Qalipu Chief Brendan Mitchell sat down with Wendy Woodland at Corner Brook Café to talk about the upcoming conclusion of the Qalipu enrolment process; at the end of January, 101,000 letters will be mailed out to applicants, including current members, outlining the decision of the Enrolment Committee and next steps.

While the enrolment process may be at an end, the story of our people is far from over.  Click play on the video below to hear Chief Mitchell talk about the process he inherited when he was elected to lead the Nation in 2015, what he’s been doing to represent our people at the table with Canada, and how he feels about the too often unkind commentary that is dividing the people on social media.


Qalipu Natural Resource Division to Host Engagement Sessions, Review Proposed changes to Fisheries and Navigation Protection Acts

Later this month the Qalipu First Nation Natural Resource Division (QNR) will host engagement sessions with members to request input on the federal government review of the changes to the Fisheries Act and the Navigation Protection Act.  The focus of the review is restoration of lost protections and the addition of modern safeguards to both Acts.  It is important that our First Nation community provide input regarding the best ways to safeguard our fish and fish habitat for future generations, as well as comment on the impact of legislation change on the long-term viability of commercial and recreational use of Canada’s waterways.

QNR is requesting that Band members come forward and participate in one of two upcoming regional engagement sessions to be held in Western and Central Newfoundland.  Feedback can be provided to us in-person at the sessions, or through written submissions to the email below.

Regional sessions will be held in the following locations:
Corner Brook (Western): January 24th at 6:00 pm in the Qalipu Community Room at 1 Church St.
Grand Falls-Windsor (Central): January 26th at 6:00 pm in the Qalipu Community Room at 28 Hardy Ave.  Light refreshments will be provided.

For background information on the Fisheries Act changes, please visit here. For background information on the Navigation Protection Act changes, please visit here.

For more information on the work of QNR and the upcoming engagement sessions please contact:

Andrea Coombs, Natural Resources Technician
Tel: 709-634-1500
E-mail: acoombs@qalipu.ca


Qalipu First Nation Announces Hiring of New Band Manager Randy Drover

Corner Brook, January 9, 2017—The Qalipu First Nation is pleased to announce the hiring of a Band Manager.   Randy Drover of Bishop’s Falls joined staff at the Qalipu administrative office in Corner Brook today.  In this position, Drover will report directly to Chief and Council, and be responsible for oversight and management of all Band business, including management of a group of staff at four office locations.

Chief Mitchell noted that choosing an individual with strong leadership skills along with the right blend of education, experience and engagement with the aboriginal movement, was a significant task for the Qalipu Council.    He noted that there were many strong applicants, and that he relied on the assistance of an independent recruiter to help make the decision.

“Randy Drover’s involvement with the Mi’kmaq movement in Newfoundland from a young age, his former experience with Qalipu Council, collaborative approach to leadership, his education and work experience, made him the top candidate for the important job of Band Manager.”

Randy was first engaged in the Mi’kmaq movement in Newfoundland at 18 years old when he attended youth conferences and meetings through the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples.  In 2001 he was elected to the Sple’tk First Nation’s Board of Directors.  Since then, Randy has served as National Youth Representative (Chair of the National Youth Council) for the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (2005-2008), Central Vice President for the Federation of Newfoundland Indians (2006 – 2008), National Vice-Chief of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (2010 – 2011) and, most recently, as Central Vice-Chief of the Qalipu First Nation (2012 – 2015).

Between 2006 and 2016 Randy worked with the Town of Bishop’s Fall’s in various capacities; he managed projects including development and implementation of the Town’s strategic community development plan, served two years as Town Clerk, and in 2010 was promoted to Town Manager/Clerk.  During his time with the municipality, Randy gained extensive experience in preparing and managing annual budgets, policy development, strategic planning, human resources, project management, program development, labour relations/collective agreement negotiations, clerking, and a variety of other assignments.  Prior to becoming Band Manager, Randy was employed by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador as a Manager of Operations with Service NL.

In terms of education, Randy holds a Master of Public Administration Degree from Dalhousie University, a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Memorial University, and a Diploma of Business Management (Human Resources) from the College of the North Atlantic.

Randy reports that he is excited to get started.  He said, “I am very excited to begin working with the Qalipu First Nation.  After more than 16 years of engagement with the Mi’kmaq movement in Newfoundland, this feels like a right fit and natural next step for me both professionally and spiritually.  I look forward to working with the Chief, Council, and staff in pursuit of the best outcomes for our Nation.”