Calling All Young Entrepreneurs

Are you between the ages of 12-29 and interested in turning your hobby or passion into a business venture?  Or maybe you have already started your business. Whether it’s selling traditional art, playing music or providing lawn care, sometimes all you need is support to help your business grow and succeed.

Youth Ventures Newfoundland and Labrador may be the perfect fit for you!

The Humber Youth Ventures program, coordinated this summer by Allison Pittman, Youth Ventures Coordinator, is an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to gain access to free marketing material, mentorship, receive help with business ideas, business planning and fun events.   We are hoping to see our members take part in this wonderful initiative- which will help our next generation prepare for a stronger and better tomorrow!

At the programs conclusion, awards are given to select successful participants of the program and the Qalipu First Nation will partner with Youth Ventures to co-host a Summers-End celebration on Corner Brook’s Majestic Lawn.  Details to be announced on our events calendar on

If you would like more information about Youth Ventures and how to get involved, please contact Allison Pittman by email at or by telephone at 709-639-7755.

More information and the application form for the program can be found on the Youth Ventures website:



Chief Mitchell Receives Eagle Staff at 10th Annual Flat Bay Powwow

Chief Brendan Mitchell was honoured with the presentation of an eagle staff, and ceremonial acceptance of the staff, at this year’s Flat Bay Powwow.  An eagle staff is a symbol of respect and responsibility to the people that is carried by many Chiefs in Canada, including No’kmaq Village (Flat Bay Band Inc.) Chief Liz LaSaga who made the presentation along with Victor Muise, Chairperson of the Powwow Committee.  Chief Mitchell, representing some 24, 000 members, is the first Chief of the Qalipu First Nation to carry such an honour, and also the first to walk alongside other eagle staff carriers in the Grand Entry of any powwow.

In her opening remarks, Chief LaSaga noted that it was a proud moment to have a Qalipu Chief in his rightful place at the Grand Entry, and commented on her pleasure in working with the new Chief.

She said, “I’m so proud that this presentation could be made at the tenth anniversary of our powwow.  The relationship between our community and the Qalipu First Nation since Chief Mitchell took office has been wonderful. We feel very blessed that he is representing our people.  I don’t know if he will ever take on a spirit name but, if he does, I imagine the words wind, peace, ease or breath will be part of that name.  Since he became Chief we have experienced such ease.  He is so good to work with.  He is our friend.”

Part of the presentation included carrying the staff around the arbor and raising it in prayer to each of the four directions, a common theme in Mi’kmaq ceremony.  Chief LaSaga said this was to bless and initiate the staff.  “Until then, it’s just a piece of wood,” she said.

Chief Mi’sel Joe of the Miawpukek First Nation, Victor Muise, Chairperson of the Powwow Committee, Flat Bay Elder Calvin White, Chief Liz LaSaga and Vice Chief Joanne Miles of the No’kmaq Village (Flat Bay Band Inc.) were all on hand to walk around the arbor with Chief Mitchell and raise the staff with him.  Following this ceremony, Chief Mitchell was presented with the staff and he joined other eagle staff carriers at the front line of the Grand Entry.

The staff was provided for by the Powwow Committee and was crafted by local artist Scott Butt.

“I am truly touched and humbled by this honour”, Chief Mitchell remarked following the presentation.  “I will carry this staff with great pride and respect and always remember what it symbolizes, the responsibility to do my best to serve the people that I represent.”

Scholarship Application on a table and dollars.

Scholarship Opportunity for Indigenous Women, July 15 Deadline, Apply Now!

The Helen Bassett Commemorative Student Award is an annual $1000 prize awarded to four young Indigenous women, each of whom is from the four traditional directions (North, East, South, and West) and is currently pursuing post-secondary studies, preferably in law or justice related field. Applicants must also demonstrate a commitment to improving the situation of Indigenous women and youth in Canada politically, culturally, economically, or otherwise.


Click here to view the application form and guidelines


Maw-pemita’jik Qalipu’k Summer 2016 Newsletter Now Online

In this edition of Maw-pemita’jik Qalipu’k we invite you to share in the successes of a few of our members who recently received awards for their hard work, connect with the power of prayer with this month’s editorial, check out some great photos of National Aboriginal Day celebrations across the province, get all the details on this weekend’s Bay St. George 10th Annual Powwow, and so much more.  Read on, and stay in touch.

Please click here to view the newsletter

Breaking news

Possible Canada Post Service Disruption

In March, Canada and the Federation of Newfoundland Indians (FNI) announced they will give individuals the opportunity to correct and provide additional documentation in support of their application for review by the Enrolment Committee.

This decision is a result of collaborative efforts between Canada and the FNI to give a broad application to the Foster and Howse court decisions and provide applicants a fair opportunity to demonstrate they should be founding members of the First Nation.

These applicants have received a letter detailing steps they must take for their applications to be reviewed for membership.

Applicants previously deemed invalid who received this letter and are responding to the steps outlined, with a deadline to respond, may be impacted by a potential strike by Canada Post.  Please see below for more information on this subject:

“Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) and the Federation of Newfoundland Indians recognize that a Canada Post strike will have an impact on the July 12, 2016 deadline for applicants whose applications were previously determined to be invalid in the enrolment process. If necessary, we will adjust the deadline. To learn more call INAC Public Enquiries at 1-800-567-9604.” – This message can be viewed at its original location here

Stock image of happy female graduate, outdoor setting

Bernie Hanlon Memorial Scholarship – Apply Now!

Bernie Hanlon Memorial Scholarship

Work Force Qalipu is now accepting applications for the Bernie Hanlon Memorial Scholarship.

Bernadette “Bernie” Hanlon dedicated her life to supporting and encouraging the aboriginal people of Newfoundland both culturally and in working with them to meet their educational dreams. Bernie always went above and beyond for her many students and tried to help in any way possible through her many years with the Federation of Newfoundland Indians and later with the Qalipu First Nation. Bernie worked tirelessly to help those around her develop personally as well by supporting and encouraging cultural and spiritual growth. The Bernie Hanlon Memorial Scholarship was created to help a client of Work Force Qalipu attending college or completing an undergraduate degree to continue to pursue those dreams.

The scholarship is valued at $1,000.00 and will be awarded to the applicant that best embodies Bernie’s passion for our culture and a commitment to academics as well as to their community.

To qualify, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently be in receipt of support under the PSSSP
  • Currently enrolled a college diploma or undergraduate degree program and planning to return to school in the fall.
  • Achieve a grade average of B or higher in their program of studies

And answer the following essay question in 500 words or less:

“Using the information provided above, demonstrate how you embody the spirit of Bernie Hanlon.”

Please submit applications to Yvonne MacDonald via email ( by Friday, Aug 5, 2016. Note: all essays must be submitted in PDF format.


National Aboriginal Day Prayer for the People

Kwe’ Kis’ulk, Creator

Tomorrow we celebrate National Aboriginal Day, a day dedicated for all Canadians to celebrate the contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples to our communities, our provinces and to the development of our country.  From coast to coast to coast, we celebrate together.

This year marks 20 years since National Aboriginal Day was created.  This national day of recognition is the result of consultations and statements of support for such a day made by various Indigenous groups.  This demonstrates that when we work together, and unite our voices with a common goal, we can accomplish great things.  Thank you Creator for those who have gone before us and made such a day of celebration an annual event that we look forward to and cherish.

Special events and gatherings have been scheduled for several of our communities across the island.  I encourage everyone to take this opportunity to share in the fun and the pride of our unique heritage, diverse cultures, and outstanding contributions of the indigenous peoples of Canada.

Creator, please bless this special day for the benefit of all Canadians.

Msit No’kmaq,

Chief Brendan Mitchell

Please click here to visit our events calendar to find out what’s happening in your area to mark this special day.

Back row, L-R: Stephen Rose, Monty Bath, Rodney Bennett, David Lucas, Roland Vivian, Donna John, Danny Stanford, Jonathan Strickland.  Front row, L-R Raymond Young, Martin Swyers, Melvin White, Robin Sheppard.

Qalipu Announces Enhancement to Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy

Ed Webb (retiring Guardian) and new trainee (replacement) Robin Sheppard
Ed Webb retired this year after more than 15 years of service.  Pictured here with his replacement, trainee Robin Sheppard

June 16, 2016, Corner Brook—Chief Brendan Mitchell of the Qalipu First Nation today announced an enhancement in funding for the Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy (AFS) to support the hiring of two additional Aboriginal Fishery Guardians in the central region. This was an important achievement for the new Chief, who at the start of his term approached the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) regarding the need for greater representation on central rivers, and to secure enhanced funding for AFS which had not seen an increase in nearly twenty years.

Chief Mitchell addressed the group of ten Guardians who were gathered along with DFO representatives and Qalipu Natural Resources (QNR) staff, in Corner Brook today for refresher training as the team begins their working season.

“The Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy is a very special program for us at Qalipu. Conservation is so important to all of us in the province, and your presence on our rivers helps prevent poaching and encourages sustainable use of our resources for future generations. I have a lot of respect for the work that you all do. This is why it was so important to me, not only to continue this program, but also to pursue expansion of it. I’m pleased to share with you all today that, after some negotiation, DFO has come through with additional funding to support the hiring of one additional Guardian in the central region.”

Chief Mitchell went on to say that for the safety of the Guardians who spend a lot of time working in and around water, it is best that they work in pairs of two. He noted that QNR will fund a second new position in Central to allow for that. Representation will now consist of six Guardians in western Newfoundland, and six in Central.

In addition to enforcement patrols, the Guardians collect scientific data that is fed into the Natural Resource division for analysis and reporting. For reliable planning, reporting, and understanding of our environment, raw data is essential. Data collected each year provides the possibility for long term monitoring, indicating changes over time. A number of QNR and MAMKA projects were made possible this year by the involvement of the AFS Guardians. In particular, projects pertaining to American eel, fresh water habitat obstruction removal, Invasive Species and research concerning Species at Risk.

The new Aboriginal Fishery Guardian Trainee positions are now listed on For more information, please contact Jonathan Strickland, Manager of the Qalipu Natural Resource division by email at

Health Poster Qalipu new dates

Qalipu Health Services Division Launches New Project

The Qalipu Health Services division is pleased to announce the launch of a new project, The Qalipu First Nation Chronic Disease Prevention and Self-Management Project. This initiative will see traditional and cultural resources integrated into the existing Improving Health My Way (IHMW) program currently offered by provincial regional health authorities. This project was made possible by the receipt of a $100,000 Health Service Integration Fund, awarded to Qalipu this year.

“Health services is an area where we see a lot of potential for growth for the Qalipu First Nation.” Noted Brendan Mitchell, Chief of the Band, “This project, and the partnerships formed with regional health authorities, government and other stakeholders, will be a valuable resource to the Band going forward. It will serve as a strong      foundation for future health promotion initiatives.”

Renée Dyer, Manager of the Qalipu Health Service division said that the existing program is a great opportunity for people of the province to better their health, and hopes that adding elements of culture and tradition will make it even more relevant, particularly for the Qalipu First Nation.

She said, “This program give people the self-empowerment skills and tools needed to manage chronic disease and improve their overall wellness and quality of life. Qalipu will build a supplementary resource that will integrate aspects of Mi’kmaq culture and traditional practices into the existing program, making it more engaging for our membership.”

Starting on July 13 and running every Wednesday for six weeks, Qalipu will deliver the IHMW program to members of the Band. It will be delivered at the Qalipu Community Room in Corner Brook and will be expanded to be delivered in in other Wards as project development continues.

Dyer added that in the fall, members who participated in the summer session, as well as general members of the band, will be engaged via consultations and a survey, to help identify cultural and traditional components that are unique to our First Nation and that can support the program when being delivered to Qalipu members.

For more information about this new initiative, contact Renée Dyer by email at

To register for the Improving Health my Way program taking place this summer, please contact Victoria White at 637-5000, ext. 6689 or email

Click Here for more details on the Improving Health My Way Program

Alison White Communications Officer,
Qalipu First Nation tel. (709)634-5163

Health 565

Kids Safety Event

In honour of Safe Kids Week 2016-Preventing Injuries At Home, At Play and On the Road, Qalipu First Nation will partner with Western Health (Corner Brook and Bay of Islands Primary Health Care Team) and the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, Corner Brook division, to offer a safety event for our children and their caregivers.  The event will include interactive activities geared toward learning more about injury prevention, such as bicycle/helmet safety, playground safety, and safe practices at home.  The event will take place this coming Thursday, June 16, 6:00-8:00 PM at the Majestic Park in Corner Brook.  Light refreshments will be served.

Renée Dyer, Manager of the Qalipu Health Services division references a startling fact provided by Parachute, the organization responsible for initiating Safe Kids Week.  She said, “Many Canadians are surprised to learn that preventable injuries kill more children every year than any other disease.  Worst of all, a child dies every nine hours due to a preventable injury.  We hope that this event will make a small contribution toward improving awareness of preventable injuries.”

In the event of rain, the event will go ahead in the Qalipu Community Room, 1 Church St. (upper level).

For more information, please contact Renée Dyer at 634-5041 or email