Important Notice Regarding Category Amendments

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2,742 individuals who were notified they were not eligible for Founding Membership have maintained registration via an automatic category amendment if they were card holders with a parent on the updated Founding Members list. The letter dated August 31, 2018 confirms you have retained your registered Indian Status under a different category of the Indian Act, you remain eligible for services and benefits and your SCIS card remains valid.

If this situation applies to you, but you did not receive an automatic category amendment, and your card was deactivated, please contact the INAC Qalipu phone line at 1-800-561-2266 and notify the call centre agent of the situation. The agent will create a call back ticket for the Winnipeg Processing Unit and your file will be reviewed.

Please note, this notice does not apply to children of the 5,096 new Founding Members. While children of new Founding Members are eligible for Indian Status under their parent, they will have to apply to INAC in order to be registered.