Monitoring Climate Change – Call for Volunteers


The Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation Band is going to be monitoring climate change in your area and we need your help!

I’m Jasmine Pinksen, a Qalipu member, Master’s Student, and for this summer working with the Qalipu First Nation who will be assisting in completing the Talikiskik? (how’s the weather?) project. This project seeks to better understand climate change here in Newfoundland by setting up climate monitoring stations throughout NL and by getting your feedback and assistance.

Volunteers Needed!

It’s as simple as an occasional check in at a weather station in your area to see that it has not been destroyed, stolen, or malfunctioning.

Your assistance will contribute to beneficial local research that will help to better understand weather, snow/ ice melt patterns, fruit set times for berries, and many other climate related indicators.

This is great experience for youth interested in pursuing careers in science, birdwatchers, hikers, berry pickers, and pretty much anyone who loves to be outdoors. You do not need to take on multiple stations or even go to one station multiple times, but the more help the better. Together if we each take a small walk once every week or so we will be able to better understand our climate and how it is changing on a large scale. Many hands make light work!

To join our team of volunteers or to ask questions and give feedback please contact:

Jasmine Pinksen