Qalipu Takes the Wheel on own Destiny, Signs Ten-Year Comprehensive Funding Agreement

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April 2, 2019 Corner Brook—Qalipu First Nation is pleased to announce a new development that
provides for more sustainable funding for its membership, and a stronger sense of self-determination  for the nation.  On March 14, 2019 Qalipu signed a ten-year grant funding agreement with Indigenous Services Canada. The agreement marks a significant departure from annually allocated funds that were often lacking in flexibility and autonomy for the Band and marks a new opportunity for creating a shared vision for the future with the members it represents. The Agreement is effective as of April 1, 2019.

Band Manger Keith Goulding leads a group of some fifty staff in five office locations across the province. He commented on his pride in the work the team has put in, including working closely with the Financial Management Board (FMB) to obtain the certification needed for grant funding approval with Indigenous Services Canada.

Goulding said, “Receiving this grant is a great opportunity for our Band. We have been working to meet the eligibility guidelines, developing policies and procedures that are up to industry best standards and maintaining a high level of accountability and transparency with our members. The signing of this ten- year agreement means that the way we conduct ourselves in business is top notch, it allows us to set our own course and move our First Nation forward in a positive way.”

The new comprehensive funding agreement will allow the Band to design its own programs, carry money forward from year to year, and focus on creating a vision for the future that is driven by the people and communities it represents.

Qalipu’s Comptroller, Jodie Wells, plays a lead role in the Bands financial management.   Wells explained that members will not see sudden changes but that they will have more say in how the Band spends money going forward.

She said, “For now, we have a five-year budget in place that has been reviewed and approved by Council. Our members will not notice a sudden shift in the way we do business.  Going forward, we still have to be accountable in how we spend but there will be more accountability to our people and communities rather than to government.”

To prepare for the future, Qalipu recently began a three-year project to consult with membership to build a Comprehensive Community Plan. This Plan will help guide the way the Band grows in terms of

programs, services and development initiatives.

Wells added, “Consultations for the Comprehensive Community Plan are likely to begin in the fall and
will feature a variety of outreach and engagement approaches.  We hope that everyone will take the opportunity to have their say and be a part of a shared vision for the future.”

For more information about the Comprehensive Community Plan please contact Joanne at 634-6384 or email

Alison White
Communications Officer
Qalipu First Nation