Updated Electors’ List with Wards now Online

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Please be advised that we have now published an updated version of the Elector’s List to include Electoral Wards.

Please check the list and ensure that you are listed in the correct Electoral Ward as this determines at which polling station you will be eligible to cast your vote, and the candidates for which you will be eligible to vote.

To request a change to the Electors List, please contact Electoral Officer Carol Lahey at election@qalipu.ca or call 709-634-7823.

Remember, you may be listed in an incorrect Ward because you have moved and have not updated your mailing address. To update your mailing address, please contact our Indian Registration Administrator Charmaine Bath at cbath@qalipu.ca or call 709-679-2142 or toll free (NL only) at 1-855-263-6440.

Please click here to view the Electors’ List