Are you Interested in being a Professional Hunting/Fishing Guide?


Qalipu First Nation, in partnership with Arluk Outfitters, is currently seeking 3 members to participate in a Qalipu/Arluk Guide Initiative.   Up to three individuals who have a keen interest in pursuing careers as professional hunting and fishing guides will be hired.  These individuals will serve as assistant guides and will work under the direct supervision and mentoring of experienced Arluk guides.  We anticipate the work period to extend from mid to late June to mid to late October, 2016 with a minimum of 12 worked weeks.  The normal work week will be Monday-Saturday, 8 hours per day.  During periods when clients are at the lodge, guiding may require more than 8 hours per day.  Rate of pay is $1,000 per week.  Apply by May 11.

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