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Notice: Please Sign up For Electronic Fund Transfer Before New Year

All Medical Transportation Reimbursements are being converted from paper cheques to Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) on January 1, 2019.  All Band members are asked to get ready for this change, and avoid any delay in payment, by completing the  following form:

Please return your completed form to the Band office:

By e-mail to:


Mail to:

Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation Band
ATTN: NIHB Intake Clerk
3 Church St. Corner Brook, NL
A2H 2Z4

For more information about your Non-Insured Health Benefits, please visit our website and follow us on Facebook for information, tips and upcoming events.

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Non-Insured Health Benefits Program update: Orthodontic Policy

Important Notice to All Qalipu members, there has been a Non-Insured Health Benefits Program update relating to: Orthodontic Policy!

If you’re a client who did not receive approval for orthodontic coverage between March 24, 2016 and July 31, 2018 you can have your claim reviewed.

Step 1: Provide a signed letter from the client, parent or legal guardian requesting a reconsideration base on the updated orthodontic policy,

Step 2: Provide the original request for coverage,

Step 3: Provide pre-treatment orthodontic diagnostic records (i.e., models, radiographs and photographs) which can be obtained through your orthodontist.

If you have questions or concerns about your specific case or request for coverage (including appeals) we encourage you to call the NIHB Dental Predetermination Centre – Orthodontic Services line at 1-866-227-0943.

For additional information please visit: (Section 8.8)

Filing folder featuring health benefits tab

Notice of Rate Increase, Non-Insured Health Benefits

The Health division wishes to advise members that Indigenous Services Canada has initiated a rate increase for mobility and self-care aids, effective June 18, 2018.  Please see below for a table representing these changes.

For more information on your Non-Insured Health Benefits, eligibility, and to find the forms you need to make a claim for reimbursement, please visit our website at

Please remember, Qalipu is only processing claims related to the Medical Transportation Benefit.  All other claims must be sent to Health Canada.

Item Description Item Code Recommended

Replacement Guideline


(Up to)

Bath Chair 99400295 5 years $90.00
Commode, Standard 99400296 5 years $115.00
Elevated toilet seat, standard 99400298 3 years $52.84
Elevated Toilet Seat with


99400299 3 years $90.00
Floor to Ceiling Pole 99400321 Lifetime $330.00
Grab Bar Tub (non-


99400649 3 years $66.00
Grab Bar-Bed Purchase 99400322 10 years $110.00
Mat, tub, non-slip 99400301 2 years $25.61
Safety Frame for Toilet 99400302 5 years $67.00
Tub Transfer Bench 99400304 5 years $165.00
Walker Standard Purchase 99400338 5 years $121.80
Walker Wheeled Purchase 99400340 5 years $350.00
Wheel Chair Manual Purchase 99200349 5 years $850.00
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Electronic Funds Transfer Faster, Safer than Sending Cheques in the Mail

The Medical Transportation Benefit is an element of the Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB), a health plan which all members of Qalipu, and other First Nations and Inuit in Canada, are eligible to receive.  The benefit provides financial compensation, based on rates set by Health Canada, for the cost of travel, meals, and accommodations for members with a health condition requiring travel to locations outside their communities to receive necessary medical services.

Qalipu First Nation provides the support, pre-approvals, processing and payment for all Medical Transportation Benefits of members of the Band who are living in Atlantic Canada and travelling within Canada for medical reasons.

Mitch Blanchard, Manager of the Health Services Divison says that many members still have not signed up for Electronic Funds Transfer but, they should.

“Processing cheques takes time, Blanchard said, “we’re talking about clients waiting an additional week or more when they could already have access to their money if we had the information we needed to put it right into their bank accounts.”

Blanchard also noted that clients who have not signed up for EFT also run the risk of having cheques lost or stolen in the mail or delivered to the wrong address.

“I encourage all members to sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer now,” Blanchard said.  “Our team will be more than happy to assist clients with setting it up.”

Members are reminded that while they may have provided EFT information to Health Canada, they will need to provide this information to Qalipu in order to receive payment on Medical Transportation Benefit claims.

Please click here to access the form to sign up for EFT.

For more information about your Non-Insured Health Benefits, please visit our website and follow us on Facebook for information, tips and upcoming events.


Contribute Your Voice to the Eastern Health Diversity Project

Eastern Health is conducting The Eastern Health Diversity Project: Examining needs and establishing priorities.  How well do you think that Eastern Health is doing with diversity? Is it being respected? Discriminated against? Welcomed?

Here’s how to share your perspective:

  • Fill out the anonymous survey by clicking here
  • Sign up for a 1-hour confidential chat with Fern Brunger & Adriana Pack to share your experience and give advice
  • Bring along one or two friends or family members from y our community to join in the discussion.
  • Interpretation provided by us in Inuktituk; for Innu Aimun your own interpreter will be paid for by the team.
  • Receive a thank you gift of $25

Contact: Adriana Pack at: or Fern Brunger at:

For more details, please visit the teams Facebook page


Hope in the Darkness: National Walk for Youth Mental Health 2018

Hope in the Darkness is a national call to action for Indigenous and non-Indigenous police officers to walk with youth for youth mental health. The walk will provide police officers with an opportunity to meet youth and listen to their stories along the way, sending them the message that we are listening, we care and we can show love. Hope in the Darkness will bring the country together by having police, youth, frontline workers, families and community members walk from the west coast and the east coast to Winnipeg, the centre of Canada.


  • To bring attention and raise awareness of youth mental health in Canada.
  • To provide a platform for Indigenous youth mental health success stories to be shared.
  • To rally active and retired police officers across the country to get involved in empowering youth.
  • To raise funds to support culture-based youth mental health services across Canada.

Follow the Walk on Social Media:

  • Twitter at: @YouthMHWalk
  • Instagram at: @walkforyouthmentalhealth
  • Facebook at:

Support the Cause by Making a Donation:

Follow the walk in Newfoundland, April 2018, click here

APN Program info
Solomon Semigak(L) and Katie Dicker (R)

Aboriginal Patient Navigator Program

The Aboriginal Patient Navigator (APN) Program offers support and assistance to Aboriginal patients/clients who are referred to St. John’s, NL for medical treatment. The APN Program provides a link between Aboriginal communities and Eastern Health care providers.

Services and Supports

  • Navigation to appointments.
  • Arranging interpretative services for Innu-Aimun and Inuktitut languages.
  • Assistance to access meals, transportation, accommodations, medical supplies and discharge planning.
  • Liaising with internal and external agencies.
  • Education and information sharing.

 (Located in Women’s Health Centre, across from Tim Horton’s on the Yellow Brick Road, Main Patient Entrance, Health Science Centre)

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:00-4:00pm

Katie Dicker                                                        

Senior Aboriginal Patient Navigator

Health Science Center Rm. 2J514                

Office: (709) 777- 2199/Fax:777-2210

Pager:  (709) 758-9117

Solomon Semigak

Aboriginal Patient Navigator

Health Sciences Center Rm. 2J514

Office:  (709) 777-2110/Fax:777-2210

Pager:  (709) 758-1714

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Improving Health: My Way

Are you looking to improve your health?

Qalipu First Nation has partnered with Western Health to provide you with the opportunity to improve your health and join in cultural sharing, smudging, talking circles, and more!

Program Details:

Improving Health: My Way is a fun and interactive program that teaches easy-to-use skills to help improve your overall health and wellbeing. This FREE program has helped many people to better manage their own wellness and live healthier lives. It can help you too!

Join a group session with two trained leaders for 2½ hours a week for six weeks. The goal of the workshop is to help you take control of your health. Anyone with a health concern or condition is welcome, and you may bring a family member or friend.

Location: Qalipu First Nation Community Room

Majestic Premises, 1 Church Street Corner Brook
February 6th – March 12th, 2018
7:00pm-9:30pm (Tuesday evenings)
Everyone is welcome!

*Registration required
To register please call (709)-637-5000 ext. 6689 or email
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A person holding a Red Apple with engraved heart

Improving Health: My Way

Qalipu First Nation is looking for members to become trained leaders for the Improving Health: My Way program. Our goal is to have trained members to help with a new pilot of the Improving Health: My Way program this coming fall. The pilot aims to take a more cultural approach than the standard program offers.

The Improving Health: My Way program is a chronic disease self-management program that is offered in each region of the province. Research confirms that self-management programs, such as this one, are making a real difference in the lives of people living with chronic health conditions by empowering individuals with skills and tools to better manage their conditions.

To become an Improving Health: My Way leader you are required to participate in a FREE 4-day leader training offered by Western Health and will become a registered volunteer with the organization. Once you complete the training, you will be qualified to facilitate the Improving Health My Way program to any referred clients or to any closed groups who are interested. Workshops will be arranged around your schedule and will not interfere with work time.

The next leader training is coming up soon: November 14 – 17 2017

If you are interested in becoming a leader, please contact Alison Dower, Regional CDPM Manager at (709) 637-5000 extension 6698 or email