Community Leaders – Elaine Ingram

Elaine Ingram_edited

Elaine Ingram is more than an active community volunteer in Burgeo.  Elaine is one of those super doers – building community in a dozen different ways.  Local Chief of the Burgeo Band of Indians, Greg Janes, reached out to share his appreciation and praise for this community leader.

“Elaine has been steadfast in our band and our community.  We are all proud of her for her dedication and commitment.”

Janes added that as Secretary and Treasurer for the band, Elaine not only manages the finances and keeps the records, but also supports all activities including developing and delivering cultural programs; as a talented crafter, she is able to delivers workshops to share her skills with others.

Janes said, “There’s nothing she can’t make.  Everything from sealskin mitts, moccasins, beading.  She even made her own sealskin jacket,”

Elaine admits that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes in preparing for these workshops but says she is motivated by her belief that it is a privilege to help others, and it is a very rewarding endeavour.

“Sharing my knowledge gives that person so much joy and the reward to me comes in a form of knowing I made an impact on their lives,” she said.

Eileen also leads a women’s group, looks out for the elderly, is engaged in learning the Mi’kmaw language, and is a mother, wife, and full-time home care worker.

“She has been the glue that keeps us running,” Janes said, “the Burgeo Band of Indians is very fortunate to have such a strong woman who has served her community with devotion.”

Gratitude is an important part of walking a good path like Eileen’s, and she is sure to give a shout out to people who support her.

“I’m starting to get help from my niece and that has taken a lot of stress off.  I also want to thank Joe Warren for being there when I doubt myself.”

Keep up the great work, Elaine!