Election Helpdesk Now Open


The Qalipu Election Helpdesk in now open, October 12th and will run daily from 8:00am NL Standard time to 7:00pm until October 21st! And will open 8:00am October 22nd until 8:00pm.

We encourage members that are looking for their voter information packages that includes your voting PIN to first:

  • Check your Email (if you had a current email listed on your GINU Membership Profile). If you do not see the email Subject “Qalipu First Nation Election, October 14-22, 2021” please proceed to check your junk or spam folders.
  • Check postage mail, arriving week of October 11 to 15th. If you did not have an email listed on your GINU profile but had your current home address listed you will receive your voter information package by postage.
  • If you have no information listed on your GINU membership profile, do not have current information listed, or have not received your package via email or postage by October 15th then please call the helpdesk at 1-888-281-8683.