End of Enrolment Support

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On January 31, 2017, approximately 101,000 letters were mailed to applicants, including current members, informing them of the decision of the Enrolment Committee.  All those who have applied for membership, except those previously rejected, will learn if they are eligible or ineligible for Founding Membership and next steps.

Applicants and current members are advised that the first point of contact for information regarding the end of enrolment decision letters, questions about the appeal process, and to make a request for a copy of your applicant record, is the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation help line at 1-800-561-2266. 

At Qalipu First Nation, we are doing everything we can to offer support for our members and applicants.  We have put in place an End of Enrolment Support Team including Enrolment Assistants that will be available to take your call or meet with you in one of our five office locations – St. George’s, Stephenville, Corner Brook, Glenwood and Grand Falls-Windsor.

Applicants with the right to appeal the decision of the Enrolment Committee are reminded that our Enrolment Assistants cannot file an appeal for you.  However, they will be available to do the following:

  • Provide general information regarding the appeals process.
  • Provide general information regarding the enrolment process.
  • Help you to understand your decision letter.

To contact our End of Enrolment Support Team:

Flat Bay (709) 647-1370
St. George’s (709) 647-3514
Glenwood (855) 263-6440
Grand Falls-Windsor (709) 489-2898
Stephenville (709) 643-3774
Corner Brook 1-844-368-7160
(709) 634-4010
Toll Free 1-855-263-6440 or 1-844-368-7160.

We ask that you keep in mind that these individuals are here to help provide support; they are not involved in the processing, or decision, of your application.

For more information including End of Enrolment and appeals related Questions & Answers, the history of the Mi’kmaq movement in Newfoundland, Messages from the Chief, the Agreements and related documents that are referenced in your decision letter, please visit our website www.qalipu.ca.  Once on the site, a pop-up will appear containing all available information.