Hope in the Darkness: National Walk for Youth Mental Health 2018


Hope in the Darkness is a national call to action for Indigenous and non-Indigenous police officers to walk with youth for youth mental health. The walk will provide police officers with an opportunity to meet youth and listen to their stories along the way, sending them the message that we are listening, we care and we can show love. Hope in the Darkness will bring the country together by having police, youth, frontline workers, families and community members walk from the west coast and the east coast to Winnipeg, the centre of Canada.


  • To bring attention and raise awareness of youth mental health in Canada.
  • To provide a platform for Indigenous youth mental health success stories to be shared.
  • To rally active and retired police officers across the country to get involved in empowering youth.
  • To raise funds to support culture-based youth mental health services across Canada.

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Follow the walk in Newfoundland, April 2018, click here