Mawita’jik Maljewe’jk (Youth Gathering)

Youth Gathering nov6-8

The Qalipu First Nation is pleased to announce that our second annual youth gathering, Mawita’jik Maljewe’jk [ma-we-dah-jek mal-jawesk], has been scheduled for November 6-8 at Burry Heights. 

Last year, the Band affirmed its commitment to honoring the youth voice within our communities by establishing a youth seat on Council, and hosting a youth gathering where an election could be conducted by youth participants from the nine electoral Wards within the Band. 

Current Youth Representative Salome Barker noted that she is excited that it is possible for the gathering to go ahead despite many cancellations around COVID-19 and is seeking input from the youth network in designing content for the conference. 

“We’re so lucky to have secured this opportunity to get together.  It’s been a long time without many opportunities to see one another, and we are looking forward to this.  I encourage youth in the network, or who are hearing about this for the first time, to get in touch with me and let myself and the planning committee know what they would like to see at this gathering.” 

At the gathering, the youth will hold an election to renew the youth representative seat.  The event will include traditional ceremony, teachings, drumming, singing and plenty of opportunity to network and enjoy time outside around the campfire.  Travel, accommodations and meals will be provided for by the Band. 

To register, please click here  

To contact Salome please email or join @Qalipu Youth Network on Facebook.