Message from the Chief – March 31, 2023

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Spring is in the air! At last, the piles of snow are dwindling down and we can once again see the earth, ready to bring forth new life.  It is a special time of year when we may feel more able to go outside, begin tending to yard work and gardens, and enjoy longer days to the tune of birds singing.  How lucky we are just to be alive.

Today, March 31, we celebrate National Indigenous Languages Day, a day to recognize and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Indigenous languages.

Kiskuk Muwiwatmu’k Tli’sutiminu – Today we Honour our Language!

Language is more than just words.  Language-what we say and how we say it- carries culture and history, it tells the story of our ancestors and how they interacted with the world.  Language connects generations and is at the heart of who we are.

Although Mi’kmaw language in Newfoundland was slowly replaced with French and English as our ancestors adapted to settler life, there are remnants spoken among our grandparents and there is a renewed energy to reclaim language among our people today.

Hundreds of students have taken up the language journey with Qalipu’s language classes initiative L’nui-kina’masulti’kw (we are learning to speak Mi’kmaw).  Classes are ongoing and I’m so proud of the dedication of our students.  Keep up the great work!

For those who may be curious about learning Mi’kmaw, please keep an eye out for additional upcoming language classes.


Chief Brendan