Message from the Chief – May 17th, 2024



It seems like every year, natural disasters and states of emergency are increasing. There are so many factors that contribute to natural disasters, but the most impactful is global warming. Our environment is fragile and mother earth has her ways of telling us when we are not taking care of her.

All over the world there is an urgency to move toward renewable energy to combat the effects of global warming. We have heard many opinions from community members, industry partners, other First Nations, as well as all levels of government. The common theme is that we all want a greener future for our next seven generations. As we continue to wade through the options, we should all consider how we voice our opinions. We cannot find pathways forward by disrespecting each other’s views. It is important to remember that not all information sources are reliable, and we must all do our best to find trustworthy information based in fact.

There can be no progress without impact. We need to make conscious decisions that are based on fact, not fear. We need to look at the broader pictures and weigh the impacts and outcomes. It is imperative that we do our part to reduce carbon emissions and create sustainable energy solutions.

As Indigenous people, we have an opportunity for economic reconciliation meaning we can participate in all aspects of developments as key stakeholders. We can invest in ourselves by building capacity through education and training, advocating for advancements in employment as well as planning community development for long term sustainable economic growth.


Chief Jenny Brake