Notice of Rate Increase, Non-Insured Health Benefits

Filing folder featuring health benefits tab

The Health division wishes to advise members that Indigenous Services Canada has initiated a rate increase for mobility and self-care aids, effective June 18, 2018.  Please see below for a table representing these changes.

For more information on your Non-Insured Health Benefits, eligibility, and to find the forms you need to make a claim for reimbursement, please visit our website at

Please remember, Qalipu is only processing claims related to the Medical Transportation Benefit.  All other claims must be sent to Health Canada.

Item Description Item Code Recommended

Replacement Guideline


(Up to)

Bath Chair 99400295 5 years $90.00
Commode, Standard 99400296 5 years $115.00
Elevated toilet seat, standard 99400298 3 years $52.84
Elevated Toilet Seat with


99400299 3 years $90.00
Floor to Ceiling Pole 99400321 Lifetime $330.00
Grab Bar Tub (non-


99400649 3 years $66.00
Grab Bar-Bed Purchase 99400322 10 years $110.00
Mat, tub, non-slip 99400301 2 years $25.61
Safety Frame for Toilet 99400302 5 years $67.00
Tub Transfer Bench 99400304 5 years $165.00
Walker Standard Purchase 99400338 5 years $121.80
Walker Wheeled Purchase 99400340 5 years $350.00
Wheel Chair Manual Purchase 99200349 5 years $850.00