Paddles Up! Pulling Together to Hit the Water for the First Time on East Coast of Canada

Pulling Together v3

Qalipu to partner with DFO and RCMP on journey to improve awareness around mental health and addictions, and reconciliation between public service and Indigenous communities.

Qalipu is pleased to announce that it will take part in Pulling Together, a movement and annual event that started in British Columbia in 2001.  The event sees First Nation communities partner with public services agencies in canoeing outings aimed at improving awareness around mental health and addictions, and reconciliation between government agencies and Indigenous communities.

This year, for the first time since its inception, paddlers in Newfoundland will join in solidarity with participants from across Canada. Qalipu’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources will partner with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada and RCMP for a four-day event comprised of a launch event, morning paddle, an overnight campout and return paddle.  The event is set to take place July 16-19, 2021 and invites participation by individuals who can join in solidarity from any water body.

Qalipu First Nation’s lead organizer and Manager of Fisheries and Enforcement Stephen Rose noted that the Pulling Together movement on Canada’s west coast is an inspiration, something he has wanted to bring to the island for some time.

“We want to help spread a positive message of unity and reconciliation, which is at the heart of this movement,” noted Rose.  “Bringing Pulling Together to Newfoundland and Labrador has the potential of advancing reconciliation and raising awareness to mental health while encouraging a connection to nature and improving relationships with the public sector.  It’s also powerful to join with others in Canada who are doing the same thing; pulling together from coast to coast.”

To participate, individuals are invited to register and then share pictures of their paddle on social media using the hashtag #pullingtogetherNL.  There will also be a live stream of the launch event that is intended to include participants from various locations and the Band will join in the national opening and closing ceremonies.  Links for all events will be shared on our Facebook Page.

To register, click here: and follow the Band’s Facebook Page for updates and event information.