St. Anne’s Day Mass and Community Feast in St. George’s Draws Crowd from Around the Region

Wrap up event post

On July 26, 2019, a mass was held at the St. Joseph’s Parish in St. George’s to honour St. Anne, the patron Saint of the Mi’kmaq people.  There was a large turnout for the event, which included a community feast after the mass, with people in attendance from all around Bay St. George and Bay of Islands region.

The Mi’kmaq people are known for honouring their elders. The love, wisdom and teachings of our grandparents are important to us. Some say this is the reason why St. Anne, the mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus, is so revered and celebrated in our culture.  It was a very special day for all to gather in celebration of St. Anne, and the role of our community elders and leaders in passing down knowledge, tradition and culture to the next generation.

Qalipu First Nation wishes to thank and acknowledge the following donations, volunteers and service providers:


Donations and Volunteers:

St. Joseph’s Parish Church and Father Maurice O’Quinn—partnered to deliver the St. Anne’s Day Mass

St. George’s Indian Band –provided funding for St. Anne’s medallion gift giveaway and loaned St. Anne statue.

Indian Cove Women’s Circle—provided funding to cover cost of church service

St. Joseph’s Parish Gentleman’s Group—Parish Hall rental given in kind

Community women who volunteered by making sandwiches for the feast

St. Joseph’s Parish Choir with Director Andy Tobin

Drummers from around the region who provided music for the procession

Western Region Vice Chief Keith Cormier who sang Amazing Grace in Mi’kmaq

Spruce Root Basket: Melvin White

White Roses: collected from community people from Stephenville, Stephenville Crossing and St. George’s

Smudge: Gail Hickey

St. Anne Bearer: Judy Falle

Greeters: Noelle Blanchard and Alex Brake-Hetherington

Readers: Alice Miles and Alison White

Mi’kmaq Reflection: St. George’s Indian Band Chief Marlene Farrell

Altar Servers: Elton White, Linda Pieroway, Bertie Garnier

Eucharistic Ministers: Alice Miles, Dina Sheppard and Florence Young

St. Joseph’s Parish Ladies Guild

Tilla Brake, Country Kitchen and Crafts