Update Regarding COVID-19 Support Benefits for Seniors and Essential Workers, Now Available to All Eligible Members Regardless of Location

QFN Press Release

On February 17, the Band announced funding of $275,000 to support seniors aged 60+ and essential workers who incurred childcare costs during the pandemic. The benefits, payable at $50 monthly to seniors to subsidize the cost of travel for essential supplies, and up to $200 monthly per child for essential workers with childcare costs, were made possible through a federal fund whose criterion held that the Band member had to be living in Newfoundland to avail of the funding.

Qalipu First Nation is pleased to announce that following discussions with government, the criterion have been modified to make these benefits available to all eligible members, regardless of their location.

Mitch Blanchard is the Manager of Qalipu Health and heads up this benefit program. He noted that accessibility of the benefit for all eligible members was something he was pleased to be able to offer through working with partners.

“We knew there would be challenges with availability and that there were members living outside the region who needed this benefit just as much as those living on the island. We approached Indigenous Services Canada regarding our concerns around accessibility for all members and we are pleased to say our concerns were heard. The program has been changed to allow all eligible Qalipu Band members to apply, regardless of where they live.”

Band members living outside Newfoundland whose applications were previously rejected due to location will now be reassessed and will not have to apply again.

All eligible Band members are invited to apply for the Covid-19 support benefits which can be found here https://qalipu.ca/covid-19-support-programs