Updated Founding Members List for the Qalipu First Nation Adopted Through Order in Council

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June 28, 2018, Corner Brook—The Qalipu First Nation wishes to advise that the updated Founding Members List for the Band was adopted by way of an Order in Council which came into effect on June 25, 2018.  The adoption of this List has been the culmination of an enrolment process that has spanned nearly ten years.

Chief Brendan Mitchell said that the adoption of the Founding Members List is bittersweet.  “While I am pleased that nearly 5,000 new members have been accepted into our Band following a lengthy wait prior to inclusion, I am disappointed to see the removal of over 10,000 current members of Qalipu. This is a very difficult situation for our people and our communities.”
The new Band list includes 18,575 members.  Current card holders who were notified that they were not eligible for Founding Membership are reminded that if they have a parent on the Founding Members List, they will not see a break in their registration under the Indian Act.  Those members will see an automatic category amendment that continues their Band Registration and associated benefits.

Chief Mitchell added that, along with representation for the Federation of Newfoundland Indians, and the Government of Canada, he is reviewing the Benoit decision of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador released on June 22, 2018.  Outcomes of the Wells/Wells decision are also being reviewed will also likely have implications for applicants rejected on the self-id criteria.  While it is too early to provide further detail, all information will be communicated as soon as it is available.