Canadian Coast Guard Officer Training Program


Would you like to save lives, assist in search and rescue missions, patrol Canadian waters, support scientific surveys, and help deal with pollution in our oceans? These are some of the functions of the Canadian Coast Guard and through their Officer Training Program (OTP), you can become a Ship’s Officer and join the Fleet.

The OTP provides training in Marine Engineering and Marine Navigation over a 45-month training period.  Your education, text books, training costs, room and board are provided for, and participants are entitled to Federal Public Servant Benefits like medical, dental, vacation, pension and a monthly allowance.

The Qalipu Education and Training Department is committed to sharing opportunities that will help our members succeed and realize their full potential.  The OTP looks like an exciting opportunity to train and work toward making a real difference on Canada’s waters.  If this sounds interesting to you, find more information about the program here:

If this program isn’t for you, maybe something else is calling your name.  Please, feel free to talk to us about our programs and services including wage subsidies, grad incentive programs, employment and training opportunities and education funding.

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