Hire a Qalipu Student this Summer and We’ll Pay their Wages

Employee and employer balanced cooperation concept. Businessman (human resources officer) draw scheme with hand shaking of employee and employer.

The Qalipu First Nation is now accepting applications from employers or organizations who are interested in our Youth Summer Employment Program (YSEP).

The YSEP, now in its eleventh year, has provided employability skills and work experience for hundreds of aboriginal youth.  At the same time, employers benefit from an enhanced workforce during the summer months while the Qalipu First Nation takes responsibility for the financial management of the student.

To learn more about this program including responsibilities of the employer, and how to apply, please visit www.qalipu.ca/youth-programs or contact Vickie Macdonald, Employment Coordinator by email at vmacdonald@qalipu.ca

The deadline for employers to apply for the Youth Summer Employment Program is April 7, 2017. Click here to apply.