Questions and Answers – Covid-19 Support Benefits for Seniors and Essential Workers

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Question: My receipt does not have a receipt number. Can I still use it?


Answer: We require all invoices, receipts to have a unique identification number (Receipt Number/Invoice Number). These unique numbers allow us to identify invoices/receipts that have already been reimbursed or outstanding.  This is a requirement of all departments within QFN. It ensures accountability.

Question: Why is there any age limit of 13 on the QFN Essential Worker Childcare program?


Answer: The program is modeled after a NL program: Essential Worker Child Care Service.  At the time of proposal this program was ending, and we noted a need to continue the support. We adapted the programs to meet our community needs.

Question: I’m rotational worker or I work one week and am off another. How does the Essential Worker Childcare help me?


Answer: If your employer deems you an essential worker. Have your employer identify the weeks that you are required to report to the worksite.   The program is designed to support members that are required to report to work and can not work from home.

Question: Can I access the QFN Essential Worker Childcare program while I’m on Employment Insurance, Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefits, Canada Recovery Sickness Benefits, maternity, parental, medical, or other types of leaves?


Answer: No, as you are on leave from your employment.  The program eligibility is for members who are required to report to work and have been deemed essential to the employers operations.

Question: I’m just finding out about the QFN Vulnerable Population Essential Transportation Reimbursement Program. Can I apply for past months, is it retroactive?


Answer: Unfortunately, no. As the pandemic level changes and we move into the next wave(s) of Covid-19, we need to ensure that QFN seniors are supported by having financial barriers reduced relating to accessing essential supplies.  Therefore, there is an option for $50 travel subsidy and prearranged shuttle/taxi service. To ensure accessibility, the program is designed to support seniors monthly.

Question: I do not have a Band number (034XXXXXXX), but I have Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada file number. Can I use that to access the QFN COVID-19 programs?


Answer: If we can not validate your Band Membership, we can not provide support under these programs. Both the Essential Worker Childcare and Vulnerable Population Essential Transportation Reimbursement Program are for members only, in Canada. This is part of the funding requirement.

Question: I applied online. I’m mailing the application too.


Answer: We ask that members do not do this as it will increase the volume of applications, and the application will be flagged as a duplicate.   We encourage members to submit online.

Question: The paper application says a signature is required, while the online applications does not.  Why?


Answer: By submitting online, you are declaring and authorizing QFN to process your application.  This includes auditing. Your authorization allows us to collect information from you (including receipts) for services provided to you. The release of any records that are relevant to the processing and payment of this claim to Qalipu First Nation, it is agents or contractors, or Regulatory Body. You’re declaring the information that you submit online to be true and accurate and verifying that it does not contain a claim for any benefit or service previously paid for by Qalipu First Nation or by any other plan(s)/program(s) that is noted in the statement or explanations of benefits.

Question: I didn’t submit an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) form when I applied for benefits, and Qalipu does not have my direct deposit information on file from a previous transaction.  Where should I send the form now if I want to receive my benefits?


Answer: If we do not have EFT information on file for you and you did not include it in your application, we will send a cheque in the mail.

Question: I submitted my application and I want to know if you received it.  I called/sent an email and have not received confirmation that you received my application.  What’s going on?


Answer: We have received thousands of applications and do not have enough staff resources to search for individual applications.  This means we are not able to provide verification of received applications.  When you apply online, you will know your application was received by the confirmation message that reads Thank you, your message has been sent.

Question: I don’t have access to a computer or internet.  How can I apply for these benefits?


Answer: Since our office locations are closed, we encourage you to ask someone in your family or a friend to help fill out the form online on your behalf.   Many seniors have applied for the travel benefit this way.


If you are unable to do this, you can request a form be mailed to you by calling 634-5163 and leaving a message.  We will respond as quickly as resources permit.

Question: Do I have to apply every month for the seniors travel benefit?


Answer: Yes.  Applications for February do not carry forward beyond this month and so on.  You must apply each month.

Question: Do I have to pay taxes on these benefits?


Answer: No.  The travel benefit for seniors is like a reimbursement; it goes through Accounts Payable, does not require a SIN and does not lead to the generation of a T4.


We are unsure at this time whether members will be taxed on the childcare benefit.  Once we receive a response from the Canada Revenue Agency, we will post an update.

Question: Will there be opportunities to apply for these benefits later?


Answer: We have a limited amount of money for these benefits currently, however we are seeking additional funds.  We know that the demand for these benefits is there, and now that the program has been established, we will be working with our partners in seeking additional funds to carry this program for a longer period of time.

Question: When will I receive my payment?


Answer: We are working to keep things moving and aim to process payment within 6-8 weeks of receipt of your application.

Question: Can I submit my application for the Essential Worker Childcare Benefit now, and submit the supporting documents (like the confirmation from my employer) later?


Answer: No.  Please submit your complete application. Partially complete applications will be rejected.

Question: For the Essential Worker Childcare Benefit, can I submit one receipt for the whole year or do I need a receipt for each month?


Answer: Yes, you can submit a receipt for the whole year.  Please ensure that the name on the receipt matches the name of the applicant, that it shows the date(s) for which the service was provided, the name of the provider, the date of the receipt, and has an invoice number.

Question: I realized after I sent my application that I made an error or forgot to attach something.  Can I submit this now?


Answer: No, due to the high volume of applications and limited staff resources we cannot accept incomplete or incorrect applications and go looking for the other information.  Incomplete applications will be rejected.  You will still be able to apply again.

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