Maw-pemita’jik Qalipu’k April 2018 Newsletter



Welcome to the latest edition of Maw-pemita’jik Qalipu’k, (translation: the caribou are travelling together).

The way of the caribou is to work together, travel together, and support one another in the herd.  It is this quality that we can all embrace as we work through a difficult moment for our people; the Qalipu enrolment process has left families feeling divided, grassroots people excluded from something they worked to create, and Indigenous veterans denied membership for reasons they feel were beyond their control.   On page One, you’ll find a link to a video that shares not only the public rallies in support of Qalipu applicants that took place across the nation on February 24, 2018, but also shares some our struggles and personal stories.

I would also like to bring your attention to information and recruitment sessions that are happening across the province next week.  The Black Bear Program is a summer employment program that combines Indigenous culture and teachings with basic military training.  The six-week program pays really well, and all expenses including travel, accommodations and meals are covered! Tell a young person in your life about this opportunity and get them registered for a session in their area.  Find all the details on page Four.

It is always wonderful to hear news from the communities and this month we have four full pages of happenings! Please enjoy the variety of news, success stories and upcoming events submitted by our readers and community groups.  Keep it coming, we aim to connect our dispersed communities and appreciate your input greatly.

Have you heard the story of a family nine “Wandering Indians” who perished on the barrens near St. George’s (Indian Cove, the earliest recorded Mi’kmaq settlement in Newfoundland) in 1862? Co-authors Len Muise and Melvin White want to make sure we don’t forget them, and that we honour the lives of our nomadic ancestors.  Find this beautiful story on page Thirteen.

Thanks so much for reading and please, stay in touch.