Medical Transportation Benefit, Claims Processed in 6-8 Weeks


Qalipu provides the support, preapprovals, processing and payment for all Medical Transportation Benefits for members of the Band in Atlantic Canada who are travelling for medical reasons.

Medical Transportation is one of the benefits of the Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) program, a health plan which all members of Qalipu, and other First Nations and Inuit in Canada, are eligible to receive.  This benefit provides financial compensation, based on rates set by Health Canada, for the cost of travel, meals, and accommodations for members with a health condition requiring travel to locations outside their communities to receive necessary medical services.

Qalipu began administering the benefit last year with a six-month pilot in the Glenwood Ward, and has since expanded the delivery to include all members living in Atlantic Canada who are travelling for medical reasons within Canada.

Jenna Osmond, Manager of the Qalipu Health Division said the move to administer the benefit to all members living in Atlantic Canada was a big piece of work but, that it’s going smoothly.

“After the expansion, the demand for service enhanced significantly.  To keep up, we hired another Data Entry Clerk.  With more than 20,000 members living in the region, our health team is busy!”

Osmond noted that many members are calling to ask for their claims within days or a couple of weeks of sending it in.  She added that while returns may happen sooner, the standard for processing claims is 6-8 weeks.

She said, “Members should wait the full 8 weeks before calling the office to ask if their claim has been processed.  This will allow our team to focus on processing claims rather than responding a high volume of calls.”

Members are reminded that all Medical Transportation Benefit claims are to be sent to Qalipu’s Corner Brook office.  Claims sent elsewhere will be redirected back to the Corner Brook office which will likely cause a delay.  Members should also be aware that they are required to sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to receive payment on their claims.  Find these details, and other important facts regarding the Medical Transportation Benefit by reading the Medical Transportation Benefit Fact Sheet and Useful Links

For more information, please contact a member of the Non-Insured Health Benefits team at 1-855-675-5743