Seeking Recommendations: Elders Advisory Council

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At the June 10 meeting of Council in Corner Brook it was decided that Ward Councilor’s would seek recommendations from their communities to establish an Elders Advisory Council.  The Elders Advisory Council will ideally consist of individuals who are respected and engaged in their communities and are able to represent a broad range of voices when the Band is making important decisions, planning events, delivering programs and identifying & developing key initiatives.

We need your help to help identify the elders in our communities who could be a representative on the Elders Advisory Council. While these individuals can be Elders in the traditional sense of the word, they can also be an elder that you see as a strong community leader who is involved in one or more active community groups, who communicates well with others.

With their permission, you are invited to make a recommendation on who you would like to have representing the communities in your Ward.  Please contact your Ward Councilor to make the recommendation.  Click here to find your Ward Councilor and their email address

When the Council meets again in August, they will discuss the feedback received from this request, and determine how to move forward with this initiative and the establishment of the Elders Advisory Council.